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  1. I love how you used the tinsel to imitate the gases in the nymphs, great colours.
  2. Nice, they would probanly look better with a nice body along with a trailling chuck. Just my personal preferance.
  3. THanks guys, but I think that I going with Nikon.
  4. The 1st is really nice but I prefer the 2nd.
  5. What are some of the functions on the nickon D60 since you guys are probably more use to it.
  6. Could some of you help me decide on a nickon D60 or a Sony a300? They are ( as fae as I am concerned ) very similar. However, the sony is 100$ less than the nickon.
  7. I see you strugled a little with the tinsel. Nice haid, thats not deer hair is it.
  8. The different colored deer hair that you used id really nice. Like you sais there is one or two screw ups, but it will certainly catch fish very effectiantly.
  9. Look like it will really catch some bass under the right surcumstances.
  10. I like how the deer hair amd the rest of the body just melt into oneanother like they are one one piece.
  11. Those are awsome photos. Where is the picture with you on the lake witha kayak taken. It looks almost like the lake I kayak and fish on.
  12. THey are all really nice. It is nice to see how different peole tie it with a slightly different styl.
  13. Thanks for the tip, it was a freind of mine that told me about it. He told me to use it for browns as well. I like it becaus its so effective yet simple( only 2 or 3 materials ) and requirs only basi tying skills.
  14. The head is made out dubbing but I didn't include that in the material list.
  15. I'm open to all criticism. ( this is my first muddler )
  16. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Andrewfly fishing: Rabit hair leech
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Andrewfly fishing: Muddler Minno
  18. Well, at least there are other kids around you who fly tie. Theres nooooone around me as far as I am cocerned.
  19. Hey, could someone pleas post up how to tie the hears ear nymph?
  20. Thanks I`m not to familiar with the expression "coming undone". Could you explain what you mean, my english is a bit rusty when i comes to understanding some phrases Smallie Fanatic: Thanks. I also use super fine chenille in some of my flies Terje! Good to know. Sorry, i just wanted to do that Great fly, it is without a doubt going to be a #1 fly in my fly box soon.
  21. I onestly don't have eneogh experiance to decide witch is better or wors, but I do think that the downturend eye should'nt couse to mutch of a problem and thuse not need be for concern. However, the up turned eye may prove to be less of a nucense.
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