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  1. Hi its been a long time since I have been on this forum, and I am a bit rusty. I cant seem to log in to the rod building forum but as soon as I can I will post about this there. I am looking for any information about a rod and reel a friend has asked me to fix for him. The rod is called Major Rod Custom Modele 4495, it was made in Montreal Quebec Canada. I have found very little information searching the web but would like to find out as much as I can, line weight action etc. The reel is a Martin Classic MC 7/8, I have not been able to find much info about this either. Does anyone know how to change the retrieve, left/right handed. It looks like a simple change of the plates might do it. Its not broken so I do not want fix it until I know the method for sure. Any help or information would be great.
  2. Looks good but I think I would add weed guard, to make it weedless and help prevent those long strips from wrapping arround hook. I would even make the head dark on top or add markings. but it looks like a killer pattern for sure
  3. Yup air sun and dust are bad air tight out of sunlight is the way to go.
  4. flaten the stem of the feather where you are going to tie it in by using flat surfaced pliers
  5. Nice It looks in good shape, who knows how long it was there heh? I moved into a new place about a year ago and behind the curtian rod was a fly rod.
  6. You could also whip on a weed guard. for the grey could use grizzly saddles
  7. i like the iris scissors myself and depending on your thread the serrated ones will make a mess of it.
  8. second day!!! cool you should hold onto some of your first ties for keepsakes and have a look at them years, even months from now. I wish I still had my first few. keep at it!!
  9. Wire, tinsel, floss, thread you are not alone. lol !!!
  10. added this to my favourites list thanks!!!!
  11. Cool catch and realease gotta like it
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