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  1. Well, My trip through yellowstone was hampered by the wind. sustained 35 MPH wind, kicked up the day we drove down to yellowstone from our first destination. I did manage to catch one fish, then threw in the towel and decided to explore. I caught the cutthroat on a chubby chernobyl fly. I think next time (if there is a next time) I would spend more than 1.5 days in the park. Good luck to anyone else who heads out there. Joe
  2. Hey, My feet are wide as hell too. sucks buying tennis shoes I like. anyway, I have a pair of Simms Guide (i think) boots, I do not think they are wide, but they fit really well. The soles are vibram, and I have not had any problems with them. I have used them on the shale, slime covered rivers in ohio, and have not had a problem at all. if needed, you can buy studs to screw in. when i get home tonight, ill look at the model boot I have and answer any more questions you have. They are not too stiff, and look much more durable than any other shoe ive had.
  3. you can keep my extras GPD4, Joe
  4. my trip is July 8. I hope i get mine before that. waiting 2 weeks after swap is due to ship is more than enough. It will take another week to arrive at the swappers house. If you dont have any contact from a swapper after two weeks, I doubt the flies will be sent. Joe
  5. I ordered some brass cyclops beads from there, a great company to order from. great prices, and pretty fast shipping.
  6. I learned a trick at a show, to cut the hair, comb with a toothbrush to remove underfur, stack hair(optional) measure for length, hold with your material hand, cut butt ends. Then you use two soft loops of thread to position the hair, without letting go, tighten the thread, I then wrap a couple more times to tighten, then wrap tightly through half of the butt ends. Now, whip finish. After a few like this, you'll have it down. This technique should leave the ends pretty square, without much trimming. Joe
  7. flies were dropped in the mail at 3:00 today!
  8. What a great looking bunch of flies. Thanks everyone for joining. I have the flies sorted out, and will drop them in the mail tomorrow. Oh, I know some of my flies are not debarbed and some of the others might not be, so if youre going to use these at yellowstone, remember to smash the barb down! Kinda a bummer that the swap wasn't full, but it is their loss for not joining. These flies are really great! Joe
  9. flygirl flygirl Utyer Utyer JoeFish JoeFish JoeFish JoeFish
  10. Back to the top, with a suggestion when tying the chain to the hook, I found it much easier to crush the last bead and take it off the "link" then the end of the link can easily be tied in, and it will still have its flange. I dont think that it really has to go perfectly straight out of the back of the hook. Joe
  11. got em utyer! So thats the last of the mailed flies, Ill send everyone's flies out tomorrow. I do not think anyone else will join in. If you do not want me to send your flies back, you better reply before tomorrow, otherwise you are getting them back. Joe
  12. It is actually polypropelene Macrame yarn. It floats. I use it for indicators. I use a single strand of the white for parachute posts. It will float better if it treated with camp dry, or waterproofer. There should be one indicator made up in there too. :headbang:
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