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  1. Go to my Youtube page for HD version. Enjoy
  2. Sorry about that. Please ask me if you have any questions. Thompson? So that's the name of the whip finisher. I've had it for over 20 years now, and it's one of my favourite tools. It's just s cheap china model that I maybe paid $2-3 for. I'm looking for one more identical for my travel bag, but I can't find it anywhere. I've tried all the fancy ones from CF and Petitjean, but none beats my beloved whip finisher. Beauty and function is in the eye of the beholder ;-)
  3. I've had most of what is commercially available, but after a few years I have narrowed it down to three vises in all, namely the LAW, TMC and Regal. Should I choose only one vise it would be the LAW. No doubt. The TMC comes in at second place, and the Regal I never use, but I got as a gift for my 30th birthday, so I can't sell it ;-)
  4. Yep, there's nothing to the fly. It's basically a (underside) weighted hook with a dubbing loop tied in at the upper hook bend wound in touching turns to the hook eye, whipfinished and brushed out. Easy as hell.
  5. Crackaig, Just curious. Do you ever tie away from home with all those tools? If so, how do you keep track of what to bring and how to carry it all?
  6. No build up. Just wind the dubbing loop up the hook to the hook eye and tie in. The dubbing looks transparent and very shrimpy when wet. You can retrieve the fly fast or slow and I've caught fish in every condition thinkable on this fly.
  7. Although this fly is as easy as it gets, I have hands down caught more seatrout on this fly, than on any other fly i fished with in saltwater. The fly looks like a million $ when hovering in the water. When wet the fly gets a really natural looking halo appearance. Remember to brush out the body when done varnishing the head for the best effect. The fly has no name, so I had to call it something Hook: CS54 #6-8 Thread: 8/0 UniThread, white Weight: Tungstenstubing tied in on the underside of the hook. Body: Opossom and flash dubbing mixed 3:1 tied in a dubbing loop.
  8. What kind of tools do you regular use (not including your vise)? I use the ones in the pictures mostly, but I can see that I forgot my dubbing twister and my "magic" tools, ups I use both the one from Petitjean and the one from Vosseler The smaller scissor I use for everything and the larger ONLY when using my magic tools. This way I can easily and accurately cut a long strip of CDC not worrying about dull scissors due to cutting in copperwire or similar. For all my dries and nymphs I use the bobbinholder with the black bobbin. It's loaded with Danville's Spiderweb, and I never use anything else. If I tie black/dark patterns, I just mark the thread with a pen in matching color. That way I only have to carry one roll of thread. The white thread never shows through the dubbing anyway. The CF bobbinholder also has a roll of Spiderweb on it, but I very rarely use that bobbinholder after I got the Matarelli Midge. The TMC bobbinholder is for everything saltwater and the smaller one on far right is loaded with GSP in the rare occasions I use this stuff (mostly extended bodies etc.). Across the bottom you can see my dubbing teaser. It's just a piece of stainless steel with some male velcro glued on to it. I've never seen a commercially available dubbing teaser that works as good as the one a friend of mine made for me. The TMC dubbing needle is self explanatory and the CF hackle pliers on the top left are the best I've ever used - period
  9. Thanks. I've made a small tutorial on how I do my lighting on different backgrounds. I know It's not in english, but you could probably do a google translate on the sites if in doubt. I like to keep it as basic and simple as possible. http://www.fluefiskesiden.no/forum/index.php?topic=27725.0 http://www.fluefiskesiden.no/forum/index.php?topic=27626.0
  10. Easy fly that fishes well on the coast for seatrout all year. On smaller sizes I only tie in one hackle. Hook: CS54 #6 Thread: White 8/0 Uni Tails and hackle: Partridge Dubbing: Hare natural Head: Copper bead 4mm
  11. Hi, For dryflies I use a Regal medallion with midge jaws. It has a very firm grib of the hooks, and the workspace around the hook is nice. Also you can easily change height and angle of the hook. It does not have true rotary function, but for dryflies it's rarely needed. Everything else is tied on a Renzetti traveller. Best allround vice out there in my humble opinion. My 2 cents on that topic
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