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  1. Thanks. No it's at work. I'm an educated cabinetmaker.
  2. First salmon flie fore about a year. Mest of last season was spend hunting perch. But new season coming up, and now back for salmon.
  3. Made a few flashcarousel's. pretty happly with the design and result.
  4. A new idea in the process. A flash tree that can be made in any hight. With leafs that can be placed and moved according to flash length and personal freference.
  5. I actually fish them in freshwater for perch.
  6. Some simple and effective craftfur baitfish.
  7. A flie type invented by ulf sill. Definitely a flie that will get a lot of swimming time this year.
  8. Pritty sure it's a hook guide from pro sports fisher. http://www.fluebinding.nu/gb/product/pro-hookguide-2306/
  9. cnc


    They are tyed on a tube, when the hook is mounted it corks as a keel. Also most of the materials are tied in on the top and on the side of the tube, only the white is tied in on the bottom. There is a video of the swimming action on my instagram side. The name is fluesnedkeren.
  10. cnc


    Some simple 5 minute craftfur baitfish.
  11. Brilliant idea man 👍👌✋👊. Thanks.
  12. The garbage dispenser.
  13. Thanks. Actually I didn't, I like to keep it clean. But with a bulletin board for the materials and an integrated garbage dispenser (sounds much fancier than a hole with a cup in it.) It's actually not that hard. Just a standard kitchen table top.
  14. The tying corner has become rather Nice to. ☺
  15. cnc

    New rod rack

    It is, i tryed to show it on the last picture.
  16. cnc

    New rod rack

    Never go down on equipment.
  17. cnc

    New rod rack

    Thanks. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UIy8ZqZox0Q
  18. cnc

    New rod rack

    The buttom part is moved a bit out from the wall, to give a backwards tilt.
  19. cnc

    New rod rack

    On a cnc mashine. I am an educated cabinetmaker.
  20. Just finished my New rod rack, and I'm quite pleased With the result.
  21. cnc

    Nice pike lost.

    Lost This good pike right at the bank. Nice fight though, and a slam of a take. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL7Mp07OVkjKLqVa2PWYibP4AceznMA75L&v=-jXcwIArnKI
  22. cnc

    Nice trip.

    A short video from a Nice trip to a small lake, With rainbow trout. https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PL7Mp07OVkjKLqVa2PWYibP4AceznMA75L&v=VXtACV9N8Aw
  23. cnc

    Pike fly

    Bleeding goldfish. Gold flash and red big fly fiber.
  24. cnc

    pike flies

    I wili make a sbs or maby a tyingvideo tonight,
  25. cnc

    pike flies

    Thanks. No, single. Universal predator 4/0
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