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  1. So what was your favourite articles in this issue of CFF? I liked the Wandering Angeus piece (truth be known, I wrote it )
  2. Anyone here yet have the joy of casting flies at Atlantic salmon in Newfoundland? The last time I was anywhere near a river in Newfoundland was 1979 (I was 13!!)and the fishing was great. And you can't ask for friendlier people. All my research indicates that the fishing in Newfoundland has only gotten better!! I hope to get back there in the next couple of years.
  3. Beautiful fly. The Blue Charm was always my grandfather's favourite fly, and it's the first I tie on when in Newfoundland. A popular variation in Newfoundland is the White-winged Blue Charm. Tied the same way, just white fur(?) is used for wing.
  4. Hello all: Call my home waters the trout waters of Alberta Canada. Love to fly fish (big surprise in this forum huh??), and a part-time writer (well I try, two articles to be published soon!!!) I have a unique fly I found along the shores of a steelhead river in BC that I'll probably submit. I make no claims to developing it, however it works.
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