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  1. can any one tell me what is considered correct hackle proportions on parachute drys/emergers/. kind regards sean
  2. does any one have any experience of using a formaldehyde solution??? regards sean
  3. what solutions do you use to preserve insect collections?? regards sean
  4. QUOTE (chemprof2001 @ Nov 25 2004, 12:43 AM) hilty, To save you currently installed version of SuperFly this is what you need to do. If your old computer has a CD-RW save the superfly file to a CD-R. Copy the file to your new computer. Then you will haved to change the sfdata#.mdb (# = number) from read-only archive to archive (you can change this under properties). You'll have to do the same thing to the sfdata#.ldb file . After that it should work just fine. I like to back up my SuperFly file about once a month. Mark Delaney [what do you mean regarding the superfly file? regards sean
  5. i had this program on my old computer. i loved it.the only problem is that if your hard drive packs in you lose all the work you have put in. does anyone know how to transfer the data base with patterns input by the user to another machine.(ie if you have problems or buy a new computer.) kind regards sean
  6. hi, i am thinking about buying the true north,expert techniques for creative fly tying. is it any good.comments please. regards sean
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