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  1. I'm going to be down there around the same time, and like yourself I've never fished the salt. I've been doing alot of asking around and was told that this time of the year is great for big barracudas. Going off of some advice I received, I statrted tying some needlefish patterns as well as some deceivers. I hope this can be some help to you. Good luck in the Keys and your last semester, I'm in the same boat.
  2. Thank you all for such a great site! I've only browsed for about half an hour but I'm in aw! I'm really looking forward to exploring more.
  3. Has anyone been to the Keys in late December or early January. If so, How'd you do, what'd you catch. I'm going for my first time on December 27th. I just bought a 8 and 10 wt. Xi2, should they be sufficient.
  4. Although I am new to the vise and don't know quite as much as many of the people in here, I would say geta Dyna-King. I tie on an Abel, but I just recently bought a Dyna-King Barracuda Trekker Jr. for a friend as a gift and I thought it was one hell of a vise. Not only does it have a couple different optional jaws, but they hold a 4/0 hook 9or bigger) tight enough for you to snap it. I hope this can be helpful.
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