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  1. totally sick; the patterns and the photography. well done!
  2. If you check out my site I have a few carp patterns that work great. Also, check out John Montana's carp on the fly blog and Wendy Berrell's site. good stuff there for sure.
  3. nice to see a few other heads around here. I have my mp3 player hooked up to speakers, usually it is cranking out the dead, ratdog, JGB, dylan, or LoM/Reconstruction. I would listen to a hockey game if it was on the radio up here, but I probably wouldn't get much tying in
  4. anybody got any interesting dubbing blends that they're willing to share? I've got a bunch of angelina fibers (also known as ice wing fiber by Hareline) and some craft yarn that I want to do up, and wondering if any had any unique blends that worked out well for them. I'm looking to make more of a "Ice"-style dubbing blend. Do a lot of you guys mix all synthetics, or do some of you throw in some hare, angora, or other fur with it? Do you keep you fibers longer, or chop them in a mini-grinder. Thx.
  5. Hey there Whiskey Creek, great stuff there. I also approach the whole shopping experience now with a new outlook. There are plenty of scores in out of the way places that you've never dreamed off. My wife sees me with that glazed over look in my eyes and tells me that I better not destroy any of my daughter toys for fly tying, ha! The king of fly tying cheats, tricks, and other finds is Keith over at singlebarbed.com. Check him out, and you'll be pissed at yourself for not thinking of that stuff sooner. You'll wonder why you ever paid fly shop prices all these years.
  6. great ties there. I need to whip up some ice flies myself this winter. I've got a few spots for tullibee (cisco, lake herring, whatever you want to call them) later this winter that should clean up pretty nice.
  7. yep, deeky put it perfectly. a clouser without eyes is pretty much a bucktail or deceiver pattern. I've used bead chain eyes in place of dumbells on smaller clouser variants that I have tied down to size 6 and 8 salt hooks. I tied these lighter to give them a slower sink rate, especially when I want to fish to suspended fish higher in the water column. On these smaller clousers, craft fur makes a good substitute for the wing, and gives it a bit more body than bucktail.
  8. I also use the HMH tool. Their website had pretty decent info to get you started, and was mentioned above Global Fly Fisher has some useful info. Here's some other resources: http://www.canadiantubeflies.com/Articles/...ep-By-Step.html http://www.tubeflies.com/Tubeflies/TF_Tying_101.html http://video.google.com/videosearch?rlz=1C...0&ct=title#
  9. red ultra wire, medium size. I coat the wire with Loon hard head when I'm done.
  10. Thanks. That fly had performed really well for me this past season. I'll be loading up my fly box this winter with a whole army of them. They caught everything from big carp, buffalo, redhorse, to some nice sized smallies. I managed to sight catch three nice smallies well over 20" this season on this pattern, in between casting to carp.
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by jklipton: Carp Assassin
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by jklipton: San Juan Carp Killer
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by jklipton: X Factor nymph
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