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  1. Hey everyone sorry haven't been on in a while. Beautiful Flies everyone. There truly amazing everyone. CheyAnne
  2. Awesome Just got back from State fair and my flies went to state, the judge loved them and i got Champion with my flies so I'm happy!! CheyAnne
  3. Thanks everyone they are at fair now and Its the judges decision. thanks again CheyAnne
  4. Here are some flies I have tied for 4-H they will go to fair and hopefully go to state fair. CheyAnne Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest
  5. 1 to go and they will be in the mail on Monday Rocky crap CheyAnne id logged in o ewll
  6. Wow I forgot how clear the water is in Canada!!!! It's really pretty up there too. CheyAnne
  7. Okay thanks I will check that out. CheyAnne
  8. Hello all I'm having trouble finding the life cycle of the Golden Stone or Acroneuria Lycorias. If you could point me out to a website that has a step by step along with pictures. I will be using this information for a Poster board for our county fair. I will also be tying each one of the stages and mounting on the board. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you CheyAnne
  9. There really pretty. haha Mayflies here in the last few weeks I have found 5 or 6 Mayflies in the sink of my bathroom but they have only been in the winged stage and I'm not sure where they have been coming from. If I could get some hints on where they have been coming from I would appreciate it. CheyAnne
  10. hell some GREAT fly's being tied as of late :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: to ALL some from me Rocky PS I CAN'T LOG IN SO USED CheyAnne's
  11. My purple heart fly. the body looks blue but it is a deep purple in real life. the wing slipped witch sucks the under wing is 2 JC eyes with a 3rd over for the 3 stars and the IC on the tail for the red in the medal hope you all like Rocky Crap i see CheyAnne is on
  12. here are a few classic flies i tyed today CheyAnne
  13. Got 5 of 15 done today Rocky
  14. C rock on rock on...... :headbang: They are all AMAZING, WONDERFUL, PEACES OF ART THAT MUST BE FRAMED!!!!!!!!! there just so beautiful HUGE Bear hug CheyAnne
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