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  1. Awesome Flies everyone...thanks for the invite Matt...
  2. Flies are in the mail, you should have them no later than Friday.
  3. OK...I'll bite...Invited by Day 5......I haven't been paying as much attention to FTF as much as I have TFF....so I'll be patrolling the site to search out whom to offer my invite too...I'll send the invite in 24 hours...
  4. I'm looking these foam heads and I am having a hard time finding them. Does anyone know of a place that carries a good selection of colors/sizes and a fair price. Thanks in advance
  5. I'm pretty sure this was the issue. I went through all my bucktails and the only ones affected were ones that had been out of the box part of the summer in the basement. I sealed them up in a ziplock and through in a few silica packets, I will give it a few days and see if it gets any better if not I'll just toss them. They are only partial pieces anyway. Thank you everyone for all your input...
  6. if they are decomposing...anything I can do to stop it?
  7. how visible would the bugs be? I have not seen any signs other than one or 2 of the ends of the bucktails kinda falling apart.
  8. I was going though my bucktail tonight and I had one of them fall apart in my hands. The hide was kinda beat up and looked spotty. Is this the tell tale signs of an infestation of bugs in my materials, if so how do I take care of this so it doesn't get to the rest of my stuff?
  9. Estaz Grande would be my first choice..then regular estaz...The long fibers make it work
  10. I use a piece 2 times as long as you need. Once I have the mono through the bunny strip, I tie an overhand knot on fur side of the strip and pull it to burry it in the fur. With the loose end, I will clamp it down with pliers to make it course so there is someting for the thread to hold on to. Then just tie it in to the desired length. I'm away from home for the week, once I get home I will post some close up shots.
  11. No weight added, fish it on a sinking line for best results.
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by hexfli: Meat Wagon
  13. To everyone in this swap I appologize for the delay in getting the flies out to everyone. Due to some situations both inside and outside my control the flies finally went out yesterday (4/3). I did not have access to post an update untill very recently and should have done so early. I truly hope this does not sour your appreciation for these sites and how much enjoyment they bring us all. again...I am sorry for what happend...and you should have your flies very shortly. Eli
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