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  1. Hey! I am hoping that you will like my latest video in which I tie an Oliver Edwards "Hydropsyche nymph". I know that tutorials on how to tie this fly has been posted on this board before, but still I feel eager to share this with you! Best regards, Andreas
  2. Besides the time I did this recording I like to keep my burning out of the house. A good tip is to tie up a few and have a go out in the fresh air.
  3. In this video I made I want to show you a technique of trimming deerhair with a lighter. Sure many of you fellow flytiers have seen this before, but nevertheless, here you go! Best regards, Andreas
  4. Could you possibly post a picture of it? Sounds interesting. /Andreas
  5. Much more pleased with the result of this evenings harvest. This time I coloured the body in two stages. The first with a medium dark olive marker, followed by random spots of a yellow olive one. This causes the colours to bleed into each other and thus creating a somewhat life-like shade. Hope you'll like this. /Andreas
  6. Please post your results here! I'd love to see them!
  7. It's been quite a while since I last tied one of these Oliver Edwards Hydropsyche nymphs. I'll try to keep you updated on the progress I might make. Hook: Knapek G #10 + sticky back led foil Tails: Fluffy fibres from pheasant skin Body: Nymph skin, chartreuse Gils: Two strands of ostrich herl Legs: Golden pheasant tail fibres + Colour markers and varnish. Not happy about the colouring and the fact that one of the legs are pointing backwards. Back at it! Cheers, Andreas
  8. Hook: Partridge 15BN #20 Tails: 4 fibettes Abdomen: Turkey biot, rusty brown Wings: TMC Aero dry wing, med. grey Thorax: Natural CDC over rusty brown dubbing Cheers, Andreas
  9. This is rather similar to the already posted fly, but this time I used a dubbed thread to raise the hackle from the belly of the fly. Best regards Andreas Lestander
  10. Hmm... after some consideration I agree with the long wing. Here's a picture after shortening it slightly. Thank you! Andreas
  11. Thank you! I am aware of the somewhat exaggerated length of the post. My impression is that a slightly longer post helps stabilizing the fly when falling to the surface. Should it cause the fly to tip over I simply trim it by the water.
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