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  1. Sorry. Locatedin Western New York near Jamestown in Chatauqua County.
  2. Anyone out there flyfish Chatauqua Lake? I am spending Labor Day Weekend up there and will take my flyrods. Lake holds smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, crappy, yellow perch. Expect to target the bass and take the others as bonuses, but if I find some larger panfish I will be happy. I need some local knowledge if there is any out here. I also am looking for some easy to tie patterns to try over the next 2 weeks. So far I am tying up some wooly buggers with and without beadheads in several colors and sizes 6 and 8. Will also get some streamer hooks in size 4. Also tying some Gurgle Pops in yellow and green with long white legs and marabou tails. So far I have size 6 2x long dry fly hooks for that. Anyone know where to try a flyrod besides the general docks and weedlines? Will be using a kayak and friend's boat depending on the day and time. Staying at We Wan Chu cottages. Thanks. Barry
  3. Nobody has any other suggestions for modifying or lengthening? Bummer. Maybe I just need to be more patient...not my strong point!
  4. So far in my short tying career the GP in a few variations is my favorite fly. Easy to tie and have caught lots of fish. I tie it with a 2x long 6 or 8 dry fly hook and marabou or rubber tail. I also like leaving the legs out of the bottom level foam and tying them into the top so they lay flatter and I think move better. Anyone try them with more segments or longer to take the place of a hopper. That is my next try. Who ties bigger ones and can advise specific hooks and width of foam? Would love to see variations. Thanks. Barry
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