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  1. Ducky, Thank you for the tutorial. I cant wait to get home any tie some of these up. Our fly fishing club has a float trip coming up on Saturday and I want to try this one out. I'll post some pictures of the bug when I'm done. Thanks again, John
  2. I'm getting better at poppers. Now I need to learn how to tie something else. Caught this 22" smallmouth on a white popper.
  3. Is that panfish a crappie or a pumkinseed?
  4. They worked and I finally caught a black crappie. To little to keep but good to know they are in there. The large mouth bass loved these poppers. I made a surprising discovery while fishing today. When I cast the popper to the shore line of these gravel pits I was surprised at how many large bass I caught that were in inches of water waiting to ambush anything that fell into the water. Great day of fishing. The epoxy on the poppers held up really well too. 14 bass in all and a bunch of bluegill.
  5. Hello. Discovered fly fishing this summer and joined a local club. Having a blast. Here are my first hoppers. Size 14 hooks with 1/4 inch foam. Going to test them out when I log off.
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