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  1. Thank you..Everything is looking good now..
  2. Yours is missing the white floss? Yours looks like the red BH Zebra midge picture?
  3. Yeah! I'm changing my ways starting tomorrow. No more talking with the people. If they ask me what fly I caught it on. I'll tell them the one at the end of my tippet. If they ask me what kind of nymph. I tell them what a guy told me and Johny Utah the other week. It's greenish like a Christmas tree and has some tinsel.
  4. That's the only good thing about NJ trout fishing. They do stock a few 24"-30" fish at most stocking points each week during in season stocking. Then again in the Fall they stock only once with 15" and above. So this state can grow some nice fish, but they don't know jack when it comes to special regulations & conservation measures like other states pertaining to trout fishing.
  5. Very cool. Wish I could get some money from the guys. I think the #1 reason they don't want to pay me is. They see me fishing a lot, and I take the time and talk with them and give them pointers. So after talking with them a few minutes each time i'm out on the water. They must think it's just ok to ask me for free flies???
  6. Today I got out with a friend and hooked into a stocked rainbow that was 30"+ and would say it was approx. 8+lbs. Now my question comes into play. What would you do? With a 9' 4wt 5X tippet? And you only C&R all your fish? 1.Do you fight the fish until it rolls overs and comes in so you can grab it without a net? 2.Do you fight the fish just enough to tell the size and what fly it took? Then break it off? 3.Do you say, I don't care what happens to the stocked fish, it doesn't count as a catch until you hold it? And it would be cool to have a pic of it. Well long story short. I played the fish for a good period of time, and was able to clearly see it took my 2nd fly.So after playing the fish and seeing his size from jumping a few times. I decided to get the fish as close to me as I could. with that being said, I didn't want to stress him out and have him go belly up.I went ahead and just broke him off. So after hearing all different scenarios on what every one else who witnessed me fighting this fish would of done. I'm asking you guys, what would you have done.
  7. LOL..'The Tippet Mooch' I have a new fishing friend. And that is a awesome name for him Thanks. Whenever this guy gets snagged he comes over to me if I'm fishing near him, and he makes me use my tippet to tye his flies on b/c he claims it takes him a long time to tye his flies on b/c he cant see the fly to thread it. So when I tye his fly on I take the tippet off my spool, And the sad thing is, this guy has a tippet holder with 5 spools on it.
  8. Maybe it was Lil Wayne , Eminem??? But the main thing is, Bob.. How was your B-Day???
  9. Received a nice set of flies today from Mybadhabit. Just wondering happened to the frost on the midge?
  10. This is just too funny, and though it is funny the logic makes sense. I give away lots of flies but mostly to close friends or kids, I have a soft spot for kids that want to fly fish, heck I've given away a full box of flies to a kid I met on the river once. As for if anyone asks for more.... I'll be glad to supply you with as many as you like for a fee of course. Steve I also have a soft spot for kids. The other day I noticed a Mom with her 10 year old son who just started fly fishing. So after spending some time talking with them. I gave them a dozen or so of assorted nymphs and some indicators to help them out. The were both very appreciative of my kind gesture. Since the mother told her son, what do you say to the man who gave you all them flies. And the son responded. Thank you very much. As he was over taken from receiving so many flies. That he can now fill his new fly box. And the main reason why I was so happy to give him flies. Is that his mom said he wanted to go fly fishing instead of playing & riding his bike with his friends that day.
  11. Maybe it just me? But lately I'm running into fly fisherman that don't tye flies. The see me catching fish and ask more about what fly and where did I get it. I then proceed to tell them I tye my own. And I give them a couple of my patterns If they seem like a nice person when talking with them. But the problem i'm having now is, the people who I give the flies to catch a fish or two on the fly, then they lose it, and want me to give them some more of my flies. I find this very strange. b/c when I ask them why don't they tye flies. They say, it cost a lot of money for all the fly tying materials or it would take them a long time to tye each fly. So after hearing guys telling me these few reasons on why they don't tye up some flies. Why should they feel that I should just hand them over about a half dozen flies each day i see them on the river for free? Isn't my time valuable? Don't I pay for the material I tell them. And all they can say is you love tying up flies, so I thought you wouldn't mind giving me some of your flies. Never once would they offer to give me anything. So am i wrong in thinking some of these Fly fishing guys are just beggars? Or should I just be honored that they like my flies, and they produce fish, So I should just give them away at no cost to them. What do you think I should do? Tell them, I gave you enough flies to sample? Pay up for a half/dozen? Tell them trade me something like tippet or indicators that I can use? Tell them, it's ok, have some more of my flies and keep fishing out of my back pocket? End of my morning rant... NJFlyman..
  12. I was thinking about going your route with the Simms G3s. But them waders are also a love hate relationship, between the people i also know who own them. And my local sport shop that sells them. Since you either get a pair that leak after a few trips. Or you get a pair that's built great and will last you about 5+ seasons. So for now i'm sticking with my Orvis brand waders, since I just got a new pair with a 5 year warranty. And if I need a new pair every other season is ok with me. Since I won't now be stuck walking around with the Pizza stain I got on my waders, that wouldn't wash out.
  13. Ottlite is just awesome. I don't care if it last's only a few months. The quality of the lite and the less strain on my eyes, and seeing my fly tying material in true color. Makes it well worth the investment. I got some 13Wt Ottlite replacement bulbs from Lowes tonight for around $6.00. And I picked up a few other 100wt bulbs from ottlite at a great price from Lowes. Since I had a coupon for $10.00 off my order. I basically got my 2 bulbs for free. Since my wife was going to buy mulch and flowers at that store anyway.
  14. Happy Birthday!!! FishingBobNelson Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that's why it's called a present. Enjoy your present today, happy birthday. NJFlyman
  15. Received Rockworms flies today. Awesome tyes, packaging, and thanks for the extra.
  16. I've got just the opposite problem. My personal box is being covered by the ad box. The "Log In" button is completely covered by the ad, so I had a heckofatime logging in. Any fix? I have the same problem using Mozilla Fire Fox.
  17. That bobbin looks slick. Is it worth the money? I Just love mt Ottlite, Got it for 40%off at Michaels craft store.. So for the money & 40% off retail price, it's definitely well worth owning one. Worth every penny. Guess you don't want to sell me yours? Since I'm getting tired of threading bobbins. And this one looks like it would take only 2 seconds to swap out thread for a color change. Instead of me having 12 other types of bobbins b/c i hate threading them. Now you guys sold me on this one. Any sources for a good price? PM please.. Since I can't buy it from where I get My Ottlite from
  18. That bobbin looks slick. Is it worth the money? I Just love mt Ottlite, Got it for 40%off at Michaels craft store.. So for the money & 40% off retail price, it's definitely well worth owning one.
  19. No problem,Thanks for the update on when your mailing them. I was worried they went MIA with the USPS. Since most only take three - four days to arrive?
  20. Just wondering how much time a day do you spend doing something fly fishing related? Fly tying, Reading books, or maybe just out Fly Fishing. How much time do you think you actually spend each day? Myself it's several hours most days. Example of today's hours.. Tyed up some flies for today's trip 0530-0700 Fly Fished 0830-1800 FTF for about an hour already today. Swaps,PM's, New topic post's Then I'm reading a new book I got for about 1.5 hours tonight about Caddis Flies.
  21. I'm OK waiting for what ever it takes. As long I get mine by September it's all good.
  22. Professori & David R got you flies today.. Nice tyes guys..
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