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  1. Sorry for the disappearing act yess I now have all the flys and should have them in the mail tomorrow morning. I apologise for the lack of communication Work and Life have gotten much busyer than I had expected.
  2. There is a good chance my flys will get to you tomorrow please let me know if they do .
  3. update......Today I found in the mail a slip saying the post office had a package for me. I will pick it up tomorrow and let you all know if its what we have been waiting for.
  4. My apologise to all involved I have dropped the ball. The weather has gotten nice and I have lost all free time the last few weeks. I will finish the last two flys tonight and get them in the mail tomorrow. So they will arrive a few days late. Again sorry Justin
  5. Well the flys in question are from Mexico. Im In no rush so i figure Ill give it just a little more time. If any one feels differently please let me know.
  6. Update One last set has not arived so im going to give it a bit more time. ill let you all know know when I get it. Justin
  7. And Wes917, I have not been Quite ill. I ment to say I have been Quiet. Honest answer the weather broke and ive been fishing. Justin
  8. Ok due date is approaching the list of flys received is as followed. Cencalfly John Utah Floyd PB78 Ronc23 Reactionhit Rstout Wes917 NjFlyman MattG Lykos33 I know that flys from Mexico are on there way . And ill be looking into the missing flys. Ill keep you posted Justin
  9. Found mine in the mail today thanks every one for some good looking fly.
  10. Wes917 Yes they have arived. Sorry Ive been quiet ill have time tomarro evning to post in more detail about the swaps progress. Justin
  11. My flys were put into the mail today. They came out functional yet not exactly a work of art. I threw in something fun I had tied a wile a go. Enjoy
  12. Hey I put mine in the mail today. I also threw in an extra somthing i had from one of my frelance fly tying sessions. Enjoy
  13. The ants have started to arive. Njflyman was first in. Followed by Floyd and john Utah. Floyd tyed every one two ants. I hit my local pond with one of Floyds carenter ants yesterday with my two weight and I had a great time playing with the blue gills. John thank you for the extra presents in you box. Ill keep you all posted as the rest trickl in
  14. Hey Im just finishing up my, chartreuse, white, red eys and middle with a hint of flash. Looking for an addy
  15. I did get them there are great. thanks for hosting.
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