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  1. Glad to have you..You have my spot. In case people are wondering...Everyone is still tying 12 flies..
  2. Good News About my Orvis wader situation. Orvis called and said they couldn't fix my waders. And being that my waders were only a year+ old and their replacement is for 5 years, they are sending me a new pair. I didn't have to ask, or say anything for them to honor the full replacement. They just called me to confirm the size I wanted and my shipping address. Must say this company in awesome, and I will keep using their waders b/c a 5 year warranty for waders. Is awesome in my book. So when i do the math of 200+ x 5 years = 1000+ trips for my money and since Orvis has a great C/S department, it's well worth the investment in using this product.
  3. That's awesome!!! :headbang:
  4. Hope this helps you out.. What I would do is have the postage worker weigh the first envelope with everything inside it, just don't seal it yet. Then whatever that postage is. Have them give you that amount or maybe a few cents over in stamps for the extra weight of the flies for the SASE. Never had a problem yet!!! 1. Cash, I think about two dollars should cover anything 100% mailed in the USA. 2. Preposted envelopes, I would use at least $1.85 in stamps with the Altoids mint tin in them. NJFlyman..
  5. I fish well over 150+ days a year for trout.. So 18+ is a very low number. Hope other people post up how many days over 18+ they do actually fish.
  6. Thank you for the update! I'll post up when I receive them.
  7. Sounds great!!! If you could Pm or post up when they do get into the mail, that would be awesome.
  8. I would be glad to host this after May 27 when my other swap is done. Since you can't host two swaps at the same time I don't think? But I'll do it if you cant get a SM for the swap and you have 12 people for swapping. And Admin says it's ok. Flytyer14 . Your swap will be over in a week? Don't you want to host this one? Since it's your idea?
  9. Flytyer14..My relative told me you can keep the swap flies & the postage stamps. He sad he would like you to have some extra flies for trout fishing this spring.. Thanks for hosting the swap! He said he had fun tying them flies up. So that's what counts!!! NJF
  10. Heads up.. Your flies are no longer in the mail. Received them this AM. :bugeyes: Thanks, for the extra, and very nice job on flies & toe-tags. Well done! :headbang:
  11. Addy sent again.. Let me know if you didn't get it b/c I got an error when sending, saying I couldn't send a pm for a few minutes? If you get a double PM sorry about that.
  12. And I thought that only happened to me. Does he still package his goods un-labeled in clear plastic bags? That's the only thing I don't like about the dungeon. Maybe he can get Avery labels and stick the product name on the bags. Shouldn't cost that much and cut into his profits? And it would make it easy to replace the product down the road, when the person would like more.
  13. No problem.. Flytyer14 Note: :whistle: Johny Utah is currently on tour. I'll have my agents try and get a hold of him for you. So please be patient if you can't get a hold of him at this current time. :innocent:
  14. Instead of pictures, you can have my spot , just tye up 12 midges, and I'll still host the swap even though I won't get any flies. So, if anybody else really wants in? Just say the words...
  15. Johny Utah, gpd4, student4evr, djmyers thank guys for joining the swap!!! :headbang: Just have one more spot open, for this great swap.. :whistle: Who's in? Who will type "I'm in" and help us out by filling this last spot in this swap?
  16. Thanks, Just hope other members like the idea as well, and join the swap, so we can fill this swap up!!! Your In!!! :headbang:
  17. That's good news, but what happened to the flies? MIA?
  18. Addy Sent..Please give me a heads up when mailing them. Thanks..
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