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  1. Flies are in the mail. Tracking number available on request.
  2. Some days I'm not so sureπŸ˜‰
  3. I am going to tie some Grey Hackle Yellow Drys. It is the first fly I learned to tie some 65 years ago.
  4. USPS says my flies were delivered yesterday, you git 'em?
  5. Stan Kenton, 1962, Masonic Auditorium, San Francisco Mort Saul, 1963, Hungry Eye, San Francisco Rolling Stones, 1966, Cow Palace San Francisco (tickets were $10.00) Ray Charles, 1969, New Year's Eve. Harrah's Reno, with Bill Cosby Manitas de Plata, 1972, Roman Ampitheater, Orange, France Ella Fitsgerald, 1974, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, Oregon Bob Seger, 1997, Arco Arena, Sacramento
  6. Flies are in the mail. Tracking number on request.
  7. I'm in 🐟😎
  8. I'm in with the famous TBD Wet
  9. Flies are in the mail. PM me if you want tracking number. Thanks to all for making this another great opening day swap. I think there is a fly in this assortment for just about any fishing situation. Tight Lines to one and all, Bob
  10. Picked up a very nice box of flies today. Thanks, Kim for hosting and to all the tyers, Tight Lines
  11. picked up a great box of flies today. Thanks, Bryon, for hosting and thanks to all the tyers.
  12. atxdiscgolfer's flies arrived this afternoon, I will start sorting tomorrow and get them in the mail as soon as I can.
  13. Since jburge had to drop out for the first time ever, due to a family emergency, are you guys OK with me giving him the extra set? I can randomly divide them back to you if you prefer.
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