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  1. mcgx2, Your in with a Slough Creek Swap is looking good. We just need 6 more tyers... :thumbsup:
  2. planettrout, Sweet midges.. Can i get the recipe for the bottom left, they are the red midges in the first pic? Thanks
  3. Firedad, Avril, Professori, thanks for joining guys/ girl, :headbang:
  4. mybadhabit - just put your user name on a small slip of paper that you can stick on the hook - thats the "toe tag" Some secure it with thin wire, others stick the hook into the paper. Do what you think secures the toe-tag best to the hook. Maybe others can give better examples... mybadhabit, If you like a spot in the swap, just say the magic words "I'm in". Would be glad to have you..
  5. Great pattern, Thanks for joining :yahoo:
  6. Let's do a Chironomids,Buzzers, Midges Swap... Swap Is Full!!!Due Date: May 27th.That means flies should be postmarked with a SAE no later then May 20th Note: Please make sure you add enough postage on the return envelope. B/c of new PO rates. Swap rules: Tye up 12 flies in any category listed above. Size must be only #12-#20. I do like smaller sizes myself for midges, But with a swap, I'm afraid the smaller ones can get lost. Also I'm not a big fan of toe-tags , but for this swap it's mandatory, So please secure your toe-tags to the flies so they don't come off in the box that you ship them in. Hate to lose a midge b/c i dropped it and it had no toe-tag for me to easily spot it. First 12 with the words " I'm In" get's a spot. Please have a TBD/pattern ready in one week. Otherwise, You can get dropped from the swap. Hope to see some new names in this swap and also those of you who are consistent swappers in my swaps. So come on!!! Let's fill this sucker up and tye some deadly trout patterns. As I promise to keep everyone update with this swap weekly. Like I always due, and turn around the swap flies as quickly as possible. As the last two swaps people received flies from the swap even before the due date. Hope with this swap we can do that again!!! Any question please ask or PM.. Beginner swappers/tyers are welcome to join. SM. NJFLYMAN, Not tying for this swap...Just only hosting now.. 1. rockworm= paraloop extended-body emerger #16 Olive. Addy 5/4 Mailed 5/6 Received 5/10 2. Firedad=Chironomid Suspenders Addy 5/2 Mailed 5/9 Received 5/12 3. Avril= Bow Tie Buzzer Addy 5/10 Mailed 5/12 Received 5/16 4. flygirl= Zebra Midge variation Addy 5/6 Received 5/19 5. Professori = #14 sno cone Addy 4/30 Mailed 5/1 Received 5/6 6. mcgx2= Slough Creek Midge Addy 4/30 Mailed 4/30 Received 5/2 7. Breambuster= Mosquito midge Mailed 5/13 Received 5/16 8. Johny Utah= still born midge Received 5/4 9. gpd4= #14 White/Red Chironomid Addy 5/6 Received 5/13 10. Student4evr= TBD Addy 5/15 Received 5/23 11. djmyers= double duty. 5/15 Recieved 5/19 12. DavidR= Poison Tung (Zebra) #18 Addy4/30 Mailed 5/3 Received 5/6 13. Mybadhabit= Frostbite Midge. Mailed 5/9 Received 5/11
  7. bigdewy. Thanks so much for taking the time too also photo the flies for us. :headbang: Must say with yours and Avril's pics of these flies. We should have a great database when we need to fall back and see how them effective patterns were tyed after we lose it to a fish or snag.
  8. Jay, That is a nice one!!!! What color threads you use on that? Thanks, NJFlyman
  9. I'm confused.. Shrimp like salt water flies? Ex.Bonefish patterns? Or Scuds. Sow bugs, that one uses for trout?
  10. Nice looking fly. That one I haven't tyed up yet. :headbang:
  11. Thanks, Sorry I couldn't get better pics with the cam. But you can get the concept. Also, I'm a big fan of the Rojo and other midges tyed with gills in front of beads. Again, Please keep us updated on how your pattern fishes.
  12. Thanks Bob, I think mine just got lost in the postal system? Maybe it will show up with a letter of reason some day.
  13. Will do. How about a picture of your modification of the Zebra? I'll try and get a good pic today. Right now my Ubuntu PC crashed. So I'm stuck using a PC with windows XP and I have no clue about the software to open and edit pics in from my camera. :dunno:
  14. I'm thinking the same thing.. I got F'd on this swap myself. should of gotten my flies by now. Darn post office. But again, maybe i didn't have enough postage on mine?
  15. Byron, Have fun with it! Keep us posted on how it fishes with, long post, sparse post, short post, post with some flash in it. See if any of the changes makes a difference for you. I'm curious to know myself.
  16. Tyed this pattern in red and it works.. It catches fish.. MHO, I would just go sparser on the post..
  17. Gregfread how do you not know what type of Rio tippet you are using? :dunno: Rio Fluoroflex about $14.95 Rio RIO Powerflex Tippet $4.95 Guess you have a lot of money and don't notice the price at the register? On topic: I purchased fluoro tippet line myself and it would break at the knot as well. Even with wetting the knot. I used many knots, Uni-knot, Improved clinch, Palomar. all these kept breaking at the knot. So what I did was buy a new spool and the problems were solved. Switch vendors that you got your tippet from. Maybe he has a bad lot of fluoro tippet. Orvis Mirage tippet, Never gotten a bad spool. Frog Hair, I gave up on them b/c they had tons of bad lots a few years back. But i think today they solved that problem.
  18. Mark, Nice tye. Looks great! How many vises do you own? All your pics I see a different vise in it? I now know what friend to call when i need a back up.
  19. Avril, Thanks for taking them pics. I wanted to do that for everyone, but my camera macro isn't any good. And yeah, i spent hours trying to find two of them darn red worms I dropped. I still haven't found one of them. Good thing I sort them in the garage. This way I can sweep it up and not loose it in the carpet and then find it stuck in my sock one day.
  20. Fly14. Great fishing report, Nice to see one from you. Keep fishing with the fly rod. It will pay off soon and good choice on fly selection. Stockies just love that darn fly.
  21. Was wondering when you guys tye up some basic trout patterns. Do you ever skip steps like tying in the legs on a pheasant tail? Do you ever skip tying in the scud back on a scud? Skip the hackle on the caddis dry? The list goes on, and i hope you get my point. Or do you think by skipping some steps in a pattern the fly is less effective in catching trout? What is your take on this subject? Do you basically tye a fly true to the original recipe? Or do you try to find ways that you can crank them out quicker, as long as they catch fish? And who cares what the flies look like?
  22. Thanks for the update on them. Since it always make me happy, when I read a post the flies made the return trip back to the swapper. :headbang:
  23. Glad to hear you got them this weekend.
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