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  1. I would talk with Steeldrifter of Midwest Custom Fly Rods, and see if he can build you one. He definitely does quality work, and he should be able to build you a rod in the specs you need.
  2. How close do the people fish next to each other? Looks like you have no room for letting you flies drift left or right of you. Or is that just the way the pic looks? And people are spaced out far enough on the left and right of you?
  3. bigdewy. Thanks for sharing that article on fishing that lake. After reading the article, It does sound like one can have a fun day out on that lake.
  4. Firedad. Thank for the information i understood everything except the ladder chair. So I googled it and this is what i found. That thing looks like a PIA to carry around with you on the lake? But guess it's worth it for fishing deeper water.
  5. I never did still water fishing like that. Can you guys educate me on this type of fishing? Do those guys sit on chairs all day in the same spot fishing? Or do they move around? Looks like some are sitting in chairs in that photo? That's why i'm asking. How deep is the water one fishes? And what type of flies do they use? Chronimids? Nymphs? Or can you take them on a dry? Also what type of fly rod set-up do you use for these fish?
  6. Thanks, no worries about the postage guys/girls... I only lost a few dollars at best from all the extra postage. I don't mind at all, MHO.. That's just a part of being a responsible swapmiester, and taking the good with the bad, that comes from hosting these swaps. Sometimes the extra flies people send ya, or materials, make up for your loss of funds and all the extra aggravation you go through hosting a swap. So let's see. Last swap i hosted, i gave all my flies away b/c of a problem I had with a swapper. This time I spent a extra few dollars to return swappers flies. So yeah, I'm not having the best of luck hosting swaps. But I'll defiantly host another swap 100% for you swappers, who just love tying for these fly swaps.
  7. Thanks for the info..Wow, that was so wrong of Orvis. What about their 100% guarantee they offer? Was thinking about getting a Cabelas pair for another backup pair.. Or maybe i'll just go with Simms.
  8. Wow, That was fast!!!! :bugeyes:
  9. Got a leak in the neoprene stockingfoot on my breathable waders. Called Orvis C/S and they only gave me a return# and a mailing address. No other information..So I shipped them my waders today, But i'm now left wondering what will happen next? Since they didn't give me any details on the phone. :wallbash:
  10. FYI...Just had a swap finish today and i had the post office worker check each envelope and i was short postage on a few. So i you received flies in the past week for your swap and didn't mail them out yet. Please have the post office check the postage on the envelopes, This way it has the correct postage on it for the return.. It only takes a few minutes for them to weigh and make the adjustment if it needs more postage. Swappers..If your reading this..The postage went up. Thanks, NJFlyman
  11. Since the postage went up, I had the lady at the post office check each envelope for the correct postage. And a few were under postage, so i paid the difference for you guys/girls who didn't make for the adjustment. No worries it's all good. And all the flies from the swap were mailed today.. Thanks everyone for mailing and get your flies in on time. Wow, this swap is now over!!!
  12. Will is everything ok? You said your were going to mail the flies around 4/7 and still haven't received flies from you, or got a post that you mailed them as of yet? Can we please have an update on your flies? This is the mailing due date week for the swap.. Thanks, NJFlyman
  13. Uggg. You guys all in NJ got yours and I'm still waiting. Maybe the $1.50 wasn't enough postage on mine?
  14. Fly is a variation of a Peeking Cadddis #16 Mailing them out on Monday...Printer died, so we cant print recipe cards for the flies. :cursing: Recipe for this Simple & Effective fly.. Hook: #16 extra fine wire Bead: Black 11/0 seed bead Thread: Brown 6/0 Dubbing: Brown/Black mixed blend Dubbing: Chartreuse dubbing mixed with ICE54
  15. I have a relative that is visiting and wants to tye up some flies tonight. So he will tye up 12 flies TBD. And I'll handle the mailing of the flies to you.
  16. FishingBobNelson, Just wanted to say thanks for sending me that extra rockworm fly. I tyed my pattern the way you tied yours, but with only a different green dubbing. Man that is one effective fly..Thanks again :thumbsup:
  17. Glad to here everything is working out.. Now go get some NJ trout today, to clear your mind of things. And when you finish fishing , be so kind and post up a fishing report for us. :whistle:
  18. Swap update: Just waiting on only one more set of flies. When they arrive, I will ship them all out the next day.. :headbang:
  19. Mark, you were accused of scamming someone here on FTF? That doesn't sound like the Flytyer14 I know from post's and PM's over the years on this FTF. Just don't stress about it. Sounds like maybe you guys didn't communicate with each other well? and since he/she didn't hear or get the product from you, they felt that way? Don't know either side of the story, just reading the headline in your post... Hope everything works out for you.
  20. Flytyer14.Got your pink worms today :headbang:
  21. Yeah...It was nice one on the river today, but I'm the one praying for the rain the next few days to spread the stocked fish out some. In this state, the baiters don't like to walk for trout, So if we get the rain, the fish will stay longer in our streams.. :headbang:
  22. Again..No problems!! I was getting worried & confused b/c they never showed and thought you mailed them on 4/9?
  23. Received flies from Horseshoes & Mr. Vegas today.. :headbang:
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