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  1. Very cool looking cat.. I would call it Orvis, It's a well distinguished name that most people will recognize. Or you can go with a name only most fly fisherman will recognize.. Abel, Loomis, Winston, Sage, Hardy, Drake, Prince... Or maybe you just want a name that has a hook with it..LOL That will also give your veterinarian people a fun time trying to pronounce it's name. Tiemco, Dai-Riki, Umpqua
  2. I know this won't help you today...But in a few weeks I should be done hosting. Then I'll start a new swap for trout. Don't know what type of pattern next I'll be hosting. All depends on what you swappers want and if we can get enough people to fill the swap. So maybe if we can get enough people to pick a category for the swap. You can start tying a dozen up and have them ready for the swap in a few weeks. That's the best I could do for you now..
  3. Thanks for the update.. Glad to see it's still a mom and pop fly shop at that current location.
  4. Bob, got your Bubble Boys. They look great. Thanks for them extra's.
  5. I familiar with Glen. It's like all the roads have the word Notch in them.. Maybe when I go RVing in a few months, I'll see you on the river.
  6. Thanks for the report. I fished those places you listed many times. Mostly in the late summer & early fall. Had some great times staying in Chocorua and fly fishing the Saco from Artist Falls Brook to just below Lucy Brook in North Conway.. Is this your home waters?
  7. If you really want to see hackleheads every few seconds. Just find a Ke$ha concert and tailgate. You will probably see more hackle at that show then you see in the hands of the people tying & buying at a fly tying symposium. And that is just sad!!!
  8. THAT SUCKS!!! I have a Swapper From Canada in my swap. Hope the strike is ended before the swap is over, since I have no clue on how i could send her flies back?
  9. SWAP UPDATE!!!! Well we have only five days left to get the flies into the mail.. I have had contact with all swap members and everyone said flies should be in the mail this week, That i don't already have marked as mailed. As soon as all the Czech nymphs are in-house they will get swapped & returned quickly. Hope to get them back to everyone before the July 4th holiday.
  10. jburge ...Recieved your flies today in the mail. OMG!!! Just awesome!!! Thanks.. PM sent
  11. Well my selection of tunes didn't make it for the week. I now made three new playlists for today's fly tying sessions. Guess for me i like randomness when tying flies. And often don't listen to the same type of music all day in and out. Morning tunes...80's vibe R.E.M.,Eric Clapton, U2,Bon Jovi,Van Halen,Guns N' Roses,Def Leppard,Metallica,Motley Crue,Ozzy Osbourne,Pink Floyd,RATT,Whitesnake Afternoon tunes...Old School Public Enemy,N.W.A,Run DMC, LL cool J,Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five,Dr. Dre,Kurtis Blow,Eazy-E,Naughty By Nature,Eric B. & Rakim,Eminem,The Jungle Brothers Evening tunes..Big Band Benny Goodman,Glenn Miller,Count Basie,Andrews Sisters,Big Bad Voodoo Daddy ,Brian Setzer Orchestra,Stray Cats,Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five. So, What is on your playlist for today? Or is your I-pod just stuck on replay?
  12. LOL...I see that happen allot with guys bank fishing for trout. They place some on a stringer when fishing, move down stream and leave the fish unattended. Meanwhile the huge old snapper comes by in just a few minutes and decides to taste all the trout on the guys stringer
  13. Thank you... Were the jaws on it ever made of Delrin? or is it made of low quality steel? B/c people told me when they had one the jaws bent out of shape when they only put a #16 dry fly hook in it after a few uses? Does this happen often with this vise? Or was that a problem that was addressed and now fixed? The reason I'm asking about this vise, I have a friend that is thinking of tying and getting this one since it's very cost effective over most other vises.
  14. LOL...Yup!! Today I was fishing for some of them dumb stocked browns 3 minutes down the road from my house.
  15. I also had that happen, but the difference was a toothy fish (Pike or Musky) took the sunfish.
  16. I'm thinking it was the pattern, size, and the fish was just keyed into eating caddis? Since it was only #16 caddis on an ultra lite wire hook. I guess it didn't bother it in it's lip? All i can say is I'm still shocked and amazed this happened today.
  17. Got out today for a few hours this morning since we had cool temps in the low 60's overnight, Got to the stream and fished some nymphs and got into a handful of browns in a short time. Then I noticed some caddis flying around me. So as I went into my box to grab a caddis, it fell out of my hands into the water and drifted down stream to only be taken by a rising trout. Then after seeing & witnessing that, I got another one out the box and tyed it on and made a few casts. Well as i walked down stream and made a few more casts I hooked into a trout, when i got it near me I noticed that it took my other fly that i dropped and now i was able to get it back. This is something I never had happen to me before, And i'm sure most of you guys won't believe me unless you witnessed it yourself, b/c i wouldn't believe what happened myself if someone told me this.
  18. Is the Orvis Delrin® Vise the same as a Danvise? The Orvis description says it's made of steel? I thought they are made of plastic. Just wondering if they are they the exact same vise? Can anybody help me out?
  19. I was an original member, but someone can have my spot in this swap!!! Wes917... Thanks for hosting!!!
  20. Ok, this is the tunes i got on for tying this week. Don't Ask.. Dashboard Confessional ( All albums ) Something Corporate ( All albums ) The Used (Songs from 2002 -2004) My Chemical Romance ( Songs from albums in 2002 - 2006 ) Hawthorne Heights ( Songs from albums in 2004-2006) UnderOath (Songs from 2004) 30 Seconds To Mars ( Mix of songs)
  21. NJ All Day got your flies today
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