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  1. Dan, the water conditions are still great..With the cooler weather/rain it should even be better this week. I got stuck at home today b/c contractors messed things up at my house. So wife wanted me to stay around today until they fixed things. But since everything is now fixed, I'm going tonight so I can get on the water by 0500.
  2. 00camaro16 posted " I was wondering if there would be any interest in doing a favorite Trout fly swap. I have never participated in one and would like to but the ones that my skills can match are all full. Since I have never done one I also can’t be the one to start it so I figured if there was more interest in it someone else could start it. Also since “favorite trout fly” is a pretty broad topic we could get a good group of variety. Could say something like you can’t pick a pattern already taken and so forth. Let me know if anyone would be interested in heading this. Thank you. Chris" I'll host this swap since you guys can't find a SM.... Swap Rules... Send me 12 flies of your favorite trout pattern with a SASE with correct postage. Flies Must Be Postdated/Mailed By July 15'th... SM..NJFlyMan just hosting this one.. 1. FishingBobNelson..Bubble Boy Mailed 6/21 Received 6/22 2. imx..foam bodied hopper 3. Bluegill576.. royal wulff 4. DeweyGreen.. Maddie wet..Addy 6/13 Mailed 6/17 Received 6/20 5. 00camaro16.. elk hair caddis. Received 7/2 6. atroutbum2..Mailed 7/6 7. idacraft..cdc emerger pattern 8. sclucero..epoxy back sparrow nymphs Addy 6/15 9. avril..Copper John. Mailed 6/29 Received 7/2 10.Blizz79...Rock worm 11.MCGX2 Mailed 6/28 Received 7/2 12.Yetavon Mailed 6/28 Received 7/1 13.student4evr
  3. For Rojo Midges, MHO.. TMC 200R is your best bet for hook choice. But that doesn't mean you can't tye this pattern on any other style of hook and still be successful fishing this pattern. As for sizes i would go with #16's - #22's and fish the sizes what the fish & conditions call for that day.
  4. Quick update.. The three swappers who requested my Addy the PM was sent.. Also 5 great tying/looking Czech nymphs patterns were received as i was away fishing. Thank you swappers who gave me some extra patterns included with your Czech nymphs, They will be going with me to NY in a half hour as i'm going camping/fishing again for a few more days. Just wanted to give you swappers a head's up as I will be MIA (So please don't PM me)As my wife said she will look after the swap and try updating it as needed, but she won't be reading my PM's or opening the mail for this swap
  5. I would be glad to host this swap if we can get anybody
  6. NJflyman wanted an update on this thread for you all. This is the list of flies that he received this week. Don't know your user names since i'm not opening the envelopes for him. Just using your real initials on the envelops that arrived. Hope this info helps? 1.AA 2.BN 3.BW 4.LD 5.MG
  7. Fished the Beaver Kill in Roscoe NY for a few days and got into some fish from 7-18 inches. Most of the hatches came off early in the morning or the last 20 minutes of daylight. Here is some pics of the Beaverkill, Flies that were used, and just a few fish pics. Enjoy
  8. Was told that a few sets of flies came in the mail this week. I'll update this thread/swap when i get home from camping/fly fishing in Roscoe NY, Monday night...
  9. Avril, Thanks for the update on your nymphs, and for taking the time by placing the info embedded with the pic. Them Czechs do look like awesome fish catchers.
  10. Thanks for the update.. As for myself, This is what I'm going with for now... Hook: #135 Weight: Lead Wire Thread: Uni 8/0 Black Abdomen: Tan Mixed Dub Thorax: Rear Half: Orange Synthetic Dubbing Front Half, Ice Dub Peacock Dubbing Shellback: Clear Strip Of Plastic Bag Over Rib: 4X Tippet
  11. I would also go with the idea of the JStockard gift card posted above.
  12. Horseshoes & mcgx2..Addy sent
  13. Rockworm & Bluegill576 Addy sent..
  14. This should be fun! I am starting to tie my flies today now that schools out Thanks for the update...I was wondering if anybody started tying yet for this swap. Mine are done, I am having lunch with Jburge tomorrow and then they go in the mail. I tied a variation of the Sparkle and Orange, will post the recipe when I mail them. Bob, Thanks for the update and that's very cool you guys are meeting up for lunch. I take it you still have my Addy?
  15. Hey,I told him to keep my swap flies . But he told me to send him a SASE b/c I should want the flies. And now he doesn't mail them. I now feel like a fool also. That's why I'm being very vocal over this. And hope it's something he can explain why he couldn't mail them out yet.. Maybe someone still has his home address or email addy, or IP# that we can track him down and maybe give him a call and get the scoop on whats going on? Maybe his PC crashed and his friends and family don't have one? I don't know i'm giving Flon18 the benefit of the doubt. But hey!!! Come on Flon18!!! If your reading this post without logging into the FTF. Please send us our flies and do the right thing..
  16. This should be fun! I am starting to tie my flies today now that schools out Thanks for the update...I was wondering if anybody started tying yet for this swap.
  17. So who has won the awesome giveaway today? I didn't get an email, so I assume it wasn't me.
  18. Utyer..Thanks for the info on parawire they are a local company that's near me.
  19. Rstout.. I noticed you sent Flon18 a PM back on May 20th I think. Did he ever answer your PM when he logged in on May 24th?
  20. Did you try??? Ross Reels USA / Ross Worldwide Outdoors One Ponderosa Court Montrose, Colorado 81401 (970) 249-1212 (970) 249-1834 fax Maybe they can help you out
  21. Wow, after reading this. I guess that's why i let my wife have her expensive spa days, buy all the clothes, shoes and jewelry she wants with in reason. So if she ever had a stupid reason to get mad enough at me and toss anything of mine in the trash, all of her fancy Lenox plates and her fine waterford crystal will find it's new home along side my stuff. Or maybe some will be sold on Ebay to cover my cost of the stuff she tossed. Since I don't play them childish games..
  22. Hope this guy is ok and not hospitalized? Maybe Admin or someone who has his phone number can give this lad a courtesy call. It all just sounds very strange that a FTF member would host a swap and then never mail the flies out? I understand work and life can make a person busy. But it shouldn't ever take all your time out of your day or evening that one couldn't check the FTF to see what's going on and give the people in your swap an update. Has this situation ever happened before? That a SM goes MIA? Thanks, Njflyman
  23. Anybody get their flies this week?
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