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  1. I'm ok with that..B/c with today's internet when a seller pulls that crap. I just ask around or find a different online store that sells it for less. As I did today. One example . Brassie Ultra wire all colors $1.50+ free shipping in the USA.. Some other big online store sells it for over $2.00 and shipping depending on color. I would think in today's market the bigger the store, the less they would charge for their products. Since they are buying bulk and selling larger quantities of it?
  2. Sorry, Maybe it wasn't the thread they charged me extra for the color. It was the Waspi Ultra wire. All i remember was this company charged me extra for a color preference when i placed an order for just wire and thread.
  3. Was wondering if anybody has a good source for buying Uni thread or wire where they don't charge you extra for a color preference? And the source also must have good shipping rates if you buy 3 spools or up tooo 24 spools.
  4. Dude, You can use any material you like on your flies.They are your flies, so you should have no set rules in tying. Just be creative and have fun when tying your patterns! Some materials will work for you, others wont. Fly tying for me it all about trying out new materials and subbing materials if I can to save some cash,and still have an effective fly pattern that catches fish in the end. Also, if some of the new material doesn't work after you fished the pattern, Just take a simple sharp razor to it and reuse the hook.
  5. Maybe b/c bass can survive in both warm and cold water. And trout can only survive in cold water.
  6. Avril, Thanks for taking the time and posting up them pics for us.
  7. Does anybody have Flon18's contact info? It's been 5 days since he last signed on. He said he was going to mail them last week. Still no flies, or an update if he did ever mail them like he said he was going to do.
  8. Same here and our SM was a no show for the bluegill invitational Flon18, Whats going on? Give us an update please
  9. Same here and our SM was a no show for the bluegill invitational Flon18, Whats going on? Give us an update please
  10. Swap Is now full!!! Yeah we did it...
  11. Glad to hear most of you received your swap flies before the holiday weekend.
  12. I also still didn't get my Ant flies yet?
  13. I got out this morning for about two hours and fished a local stream. The river finally came down to a nice fishing level and did good. Some on dry and others on a Czech nymph pattern I tyed up for the Czech swap. Wish I could of stayed longer, but with all the construction i have going on. That two hour widow is all I have most days. After the construction, I should be hitting The Beaver Kill and a few other streams near Roscoe NY.
  14. LOL...Bob, Don't feel bad. I'm sure I'll be doing the same exact thing.
  15. Fishingbobnelson,mybadhabit,dezod thanks for stepping up and joining the swap. I just didn't want the other swappers who signed up going out of their way tying 12 flies and we only get six swappers for the swap.
  16. Still looking for 6 more tyers for this swap Anyone? Anyone?
  17. Kevin, Awesome pics ..May I ask what kind of camera you used for your pics?
  18. Yes you got it !!! Any type of anchor fly for European Nymphing..LOL
  19. I think this is the recipe for it.. Gamukatsu s10 barbless hook. 4mm tung bead 70 denier UTC thread Grizzley Brown/Black rubber legs 0.020 lead Brassie copper wire Embroidery threads yellow/brown Mike Mercer yellow stonefly dub thorax stonefly color thinskin for 2 wing cases
  20. Sorry about that...Your probably right about it not being a traditional Czech nymph. But it's a pattern that one uses for Czech nymphing. And that what I was thinking about, any pattern that one uses for an anchor fly in Czech nymphing, Polish nymphing,French and Spanish style nymphing is ok for this swap. Just looking for heavy nymphs that get down deep and are effective for these styles of nymphing.
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