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  1. so what is tere 8/0 rated or do they have any 8/0..and are you the Al Beatty out of boise that deals with danica danvises? i live just outside of boise
  2. how do you know what theread is for what flys...i was started tying flys wth thread that was rated in denier..so 70 denier for drys...140 denier for bigger nypmhs and other stuff and 280 or 340 denier for like bass bugs...poppers and some saltwater...so my question is what is like 3/0 thread for? and 8/0 or 6/0?if im thinking rite it would go smalles to biggest as follows 8/0, 6/0, 3/0 but idk...can anyone help me
  3. my favorite hooks are mustad...they sells packs of 50 for like 4 or 5 bucks most other companys sell packs of 25 for 4 or 5 bucks but when i cant find a pack of 50 mustads i like to buy on ocasion lightning strike hooks i just like them
  4. what kind of flys will you tie with it? the biggest thing besides the resin with the danvise is that behind the jaws there isnt a lot of room so if you are tying big streamers or popper bugs you would want to spend the like i think its $30 for a jaw extension...and after paying that extra money id just go with a different vise...i got the griffin blackfoot mongoose vise and i am really pleased with it...it beats the hell out of my old cabelas master vise...i got it from one of there kits also and it wouldnt hold hooks so i upgraded and ive already broke a few hooks with my mongoose
  5. yea ithas a plastic screw but if they looked into it after it broke there is a guy out of boise that suplies stores like cabelas with the danvise's and he sells replacemnt parte and from what ive noticed they are not badly priced
  6. get the griffin blackfoot mongoose vise...it is 140 bucks from the manufacturer but there is a guy on ebay that sells them for like $120.. what like about it is first off they are made in the usa and come with a lifetime warrantee but second they are just an awesome vise and hold hooks like a rock
  7. easiest fly in the world is the san juan worm...then maybe try a phesant tail nymph or two...and wolly buggers are always fun to tie
  8. so i bought some of Wapsi's egg yarn to tie up some eggs....and i have watched numerous youtube videos on how to tie them but all the videos there use mcfly foam and my eggs dont turn out like the ones tied with mcfly...so my question is....is there a big difference between the two brands or should both brands work equally the same? thanks :wallbash:
  9. i have 2 vices my first one was an el cheapo from cabelas and it got the job dont but it wouldnt hold bigger hooks worth a darn...so a while ago i purchased a griffin blackfoot mongoose and i love it would recomend it to anyone that wants a good rotary vise for under $200
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