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  1. Hello,


    I have been tying for many years now but I have just purchase my first rotary vise (Danvise).


    I was looking to get some info either by video, book or weblink (preferably) to show me some of the techniques on how to use it properly. I have the basic idea but I am sure there are ways to use it that I haven't thought of yet.


    Any one know of any?





  2. I was wondering if anyone could refer me to good dragonfly nymph and hellagrammite patterns. I have tried several without much success. I was also wondering as to what method to use to fish them. Upstream/downstream...slow retrieve, short fast pulls? etc etc.


    The areas where I fish are loaded with dragonfly and hellgrammite and the brook trout seem to love them early in the spring. I live on the east coast by the way. (Nova Scotia)


    Not to offend anyone but I would like to have a good representative pattern rather than a realistic one.





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