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  1. Hello, I have been tying for many years now but I have just purchase my first rotary vise (Danvise). I was looking to get some info either by video, book or weblink (preferably) to show me some of the techniques on how to use it properly. I have the basic idea but I am sure there are ways to use it that I haven't thought of yet. Any one know of any? TIA Bob
  2. http://www.seaworms.com/history.html Pic and this link describes the worms and what they are used for. Cheers Bob
  3. Good luck Al, Hope everything works out OK with you. Let us know how ya make out. Bob
  4. Nasty looking. I can say that I have never seen the adult. My streams are loaded with the nymphs though.... Bob
  5. Thanks guys! Lots of info there.....should peruse the whole forum before I ask such questions.lol Thanks Bob
  6. I had some once and it had lots of stiff guard hairs. I used to use it as tailing material both for dries (little heavy though) and nymphs. Bob
  7. The subject says it all: What does the adult grow up to be? When does it hatch? Thanks Bob
  8. I was wondering if anyone could refer me to good dragonfly nymph and hellagrammite patterns. I have tried several without much success. I was also wondering as to what method to use to fish them. Upstream/downstream...slow retrieve, short fast pulls? etc etc. The areas where I fish are loaded with dragonfly and hellgrammite and the brook trout seem to love them early in the spring. I live on the east coast by the way. (Nova Scotia) Not to offend anyone but I would like to have a good representative pattern rather than a realistic one. Thanks Bob
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