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  1. Thanks guys. I never used one or saw one being used so I didn't know. From what I was told once, you just push a button and the fly line reels itself in. I wouldn't mind trying one sometime, but I don't think I'm going to invest in one of these (pic). I guess it would be a good buy if you were an antique fishing tackle collector. Thanks for the replies. Jim
  2. Saw this ad on the internet. Are Autos anygood? Never see them advertised or mentioned anywhere. Why?
  3. I'm gong to start tying here in a couple of weeks, if I could do that good in one week I (you should) would be very proud.
  4. Smallie, thanks for the invite. But being how I have just got into tying, I think I had better sit this one out. Santa is suppose to bring me a Waspi kit, and with that maybe I can really get into doing some tying. But for me to have 12 tied by the 15th, well thats a long shot. I wouldn't want to say I'm in, if there was any doubt of me delivering. So I'll set this swap out, but I'll see if I can put something together maybe the next time around. Thanks again, I'll be watching.
  5. I'm new to fly tying and have only fly fished one season' but I am hooked, so to speak! Looking for any and all the info I can grasp. I'll be around standing in the wings watching and learning.
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