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  1. Thanks all....I went fishing Saturday, cast, retrieve...repeat. Had the best fun I've had in a couple of years, easily over 60 to 70 small trout like fish one on fly the rest on a uhhh, ohhhh...Damnit it was a small silver mirrodine. The fella I was fishing with took pity on my beat up pile of bone and we rode out in his bass boat, I have learned to love me some seats! Will post pics from Dave's camera when he sends them. I was happy to be able to cast, still seem to have a decent cast that will improve with time. Going to lean to do things in moderation, those parties Mike likes to attend and the Turkish prison doctors beat my ever loving butt. However my wardrobe remains eclectic to say the least. I believe the Greeks would lead the charge...Met a few during my stay in the foreign resort. If someone could tell me how to upload pics to "my media" I do have some new flys and an awesome jeep pic to add. Thanks...dave Just few pics from my past to ponder until I get a proper fish picture to post. The man smoking in a lace bra was my roommate in Turkey on casual Friday Andy's best fishing spot
  2. I am going fishing in the morning, had dig out a couple of fly rods and fly boxes. Going to west bay or the CIS just depends on the wind. It has been a couple of years, Turkish prison ain't easy when you are 5'6" and everyone wants to be your friend. Hope all of you have been well.....dave
  3. I find these work well, caught a 60" speckled trout...ate him with some faber beans and a nice natural light! The fish... PJ's After party, I think Andy ended up naked in the fish pond? My biggest redfish to date...
  4. Beautiful rod, think I can heat the tarpon trembling in their fins…
  5. I'll say it again, "you striper guys tie the best looking flies"! I'm with Andy, that herring will hunt.
  6. Great looking flies, may just bring in the winning first tarpon of the 2014 tarpon contest. Is that a craft fur collar?
  7. Digging the redfish, I like it when they're all bronzed up from dark water…Very nice! What's the screwdriver for? Wife and I are going out tomarro just to see how the water along the beaches look. I'll take an 8wt for pompano and 12wt in case I win the lottery and a cobia swims by. More than likely I'll put up an umbrella and drift along in the sound with a diet soda in hand while the wife feeds me grapes. The water receded about a foot before I took this shot of the boat ramp at the end of the street. That's the normal location for the dock, it floats up and down on pillars. A lot of docks behind homes were underwater and several boats in the neighborhood are now under water. Some pics of the fish camp down the road…
  8. View, drool, discuss amongst yourselves. I'm too verklemt to go on… http://youtu.be/PDXEgBh0TF0 Explicit food porn, viewer discretion advised. http://skiffrepublic.com/fastest-fish-taco-ever/#more-1244 what do you have to show?
  9. That is a fine mess of fish, they look even better after being introduced to some hot oil! Crappie is an all-time favorite, however, we eat a lot of shell cracker and brim in the summer. We walk down to our friends house, drink beer and toss worms under a cork off of her dock. Fly fishing here is fantastic and after taking a couple of years off from freshwater will be doing a lot more this summer…Our saltwater is is going to be in the toilet for a while, might as well take advantage of the large amount of food being flushed into the lake. Panfish and bass polooza! I'm with Ditz "mmm mmm mmm.....I seldom keep fish anymore but that does look yummy. The only thing better than a bunch of gill and crappy is a plate full of walleye edit: I need to add yellow perch and speckled trout." I ate walleye in upstate New York…Heaven on a plate!
  10. Fishing in the bay is not going to be much fun for long while…The lake is full to the top and pouring max amounts of freshwater into north bay and the runoff from up north will keep the water tannic colored for a long time to come! Much the same as last year
  11. Have had for a while…I actually have an old poke pole with a trident looking head on it, killed plenty of fish. http://www.divelocker.net/?p=1074
  12. Shame folks don't respect other peoples property, it's happened here on the lake when folks leave their gear in the boat overnight. How was the fishing?
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