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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!! Laid on the ground outside the shop... Happy dance in progress
  2. Well to be honest a good day at work for me is hard to beat....but I still would rather be fishing. I caught a small bluegill about 5" on your Black beadhead white rubber legs fly...BBWR. I will be copying that one. I was fishing it near bottom with sinking tip line.
  3. We hit the river yesterday to do some testing....and it was one of those trips that everything went wrong. hydro release was running, water up and alittle cloudy. all the leaves in the water was a PITA. I started with the fly that was on...and no luck. go to change and it gets hooked in my pack and breaks the hook off. tied on Breams Nymph and caught the only fish of the trip. I get it hung in the tree and fight the current to get it back, break the line but manage to grab the limb and about lift my yak out of the water but I get it back. while attempting to tie it back on I drift backwards and about get caught in a strainer...In digging hard to avoid it my paddle explodes in my hand....A nice 3" long deep stratch in the palm of my hand. At that point We called it a day... get home and unpacking....cant find Breams fly....UGH
  4. Red seems to trigger them around here, orange should work fine
  5. Mine arrived yesterday and didn't get a chance to open them till this morning...It was like Christmas. Some great looking work my friends, most will even work in my trout box. Thank You Bream for hosting and even more for allowing me to join in the fun.
  6. Well We will be leaving out Friday morning heading down and coming back late sunday... The place at the corner of #9 and 292? Southern Sportsman and yes...I think they closed up and made a confernce center or something. The owner POed me big time...he thought the area between the handicap parking was his personal parking spot....
  7. Mine where mailed from Boiling Springs SC yesterday and the lady said they would head to Greenville 1st. I feared the would go to Asheville and the snow. Thought about rerouting my trip to or from the Lynches and drop them off in person....
  8. Hello folks...After a slow start at getting back into tying I have some CVC Nymphs to send. It seems that after a year away from the vise I'm having a hard time getting things right. I have left the legs long so you can cut them back to your liking. Around here longer legs work better in the lakes and shorter in the river Worst case is I'll compete with Riff and you will have a Daiichi 2421 #8 with a beadhead.
  9. Hello Folks. I have joined to help fill out the ranks, Hope you find my work exceptable. I have been on here for awhile and was invloved in alot of swaps,but havent tied much in the last year. I live in western NC and chase alot of brim and smallmouth. looking fowrward to this
  10. Well I'll make it official...I have dug out my stuff and knocked the dust off the vise...#10 3x nymph hooks laid on the bench...now what can I do with them?
  11. I AM SO SORRY.... I have been hit so hard with stuff that this has fallen off the back burner and behind the stove. If you will still have me I will get them done and in the mail monday.... Darrin
  12. Sorry for the delay on my end...wanted to tie another set of flies but due to a severe run of bad luck on 3 fronts it hasn't happened. Scissors and flies in the mail today. Darrin
  13. I will be tying mine on TMC 5263 #6 3X Chartreuse in color, may go with zonker body. hope to get them done over the weekend. Darrin
  14. OK I fixed the pics to show all 3. hope to get some practice with them after work this weekend and get by the fly shop and get some supplies.
  15. I need 2 more pair and got some beadhead sharks caddis in size 10 to send to you. Darrin
  16. Nice Yiman well I have tried my first one...and y'all might want to start looking for someone else. My wife asked if she could have it, she wants to cut the hook off and hang it as a Halloween decoration.I believe if this thing catchs a fish it will work by landing on it and scaring it to death. I'm going back and starting again with hopes of a better outcome. I can assure you there wont be 56 legs on it. picture a rainbow punkrocker on a bad hair day. Darrin
  17. Would you like Scissors and Hemostats to go with the sets? Darrin
  18. Is there anything that is getting CHEAPER? I can't think of anything. the Quality of the JUNK they sell anymore. Eventually, quality hackle will become available again, but I don't expect the cost to go down much if at all. I will agree 100%. the producers now see how much we will pay and when the fad ends they will just cut production back, and the price will stay. Darrin
  19. How about trading? I now get my hair cut for 3 feathers....out of an old dry saddle bought of ebay for less than one hair cut. Its so funny to see her pick through it....adds to the value.....at this rate I'll get about $1000 for a $12 saddle. now if I can get my 401K do do the same.... Darrin
  20. Never heard of one but looks interesting... Add me to the list. Darrin
  21. They are in the mail....I'm sorry but there kinda messed up as a true Clouser. I brought my stuff camping and tied without any referance, (aka no internet) and only tied one before. the upside down start on the first 2 made me do some research and discovered some of my mistakes. so Sir BG if there not exceptable let me know.....now what I stumbled on. With the beadchain eyes the fly does not sink but drifts head downward...with the reversed colors, white on top it makes it appear like a dying minnow floating mid current and add a few twitches and darts.....GAME ON....It turned a slow day on. I have tied 2 more in differt colors to test. Darrin
  22. I have a Chested Dutch Rooster that suppies head feathers on occation...http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Polish_(chicken) he hates me for some reason.... work fine for buggers and such. As far as making lemonade from lemons, I now get my hair cut for 3 feathers....out of an old dry saddle bought of ebay for less than one hair cut. Its so funny to see her pick through it....adds to the value.....at this rate I'll get about $1000 for a $12 saddle. now if I can get my 401K do do the same.... Darrin
  23. I am ready for an address....I messed up and started tying the clousers upside down.... funny thing is that they work great....I will be working on this Darrin
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