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  1. I'm in if you will have me....traded out on the last swap due to family health issues....Am up to date on all my other swaps Darrin
  2. I fish alot around tree tops laying in the river....should also work great around lily pads and such.... Darrin
  3. Done and on there way to the PO.... An attempt at a new design for me, hope they work for everyone Darrin
  4. And thanks for picking up my slack. I'll be following along as y'all have fun... Darrin
  5. Thank you for hosting, and having me. big flies for big fish...the extra I somehow overlooked the indicator....there was another that I missed the legs... Darrin
  6. yetavon


    Hello Matt....good to see you in here....hope to see you get into a few swaps... Darrin
  7. AUGH....... I have run out of green foam in the shade started. I'll go with a shade lighter to stay as close as I can. hope to have them in the mail tomarrow Darrin
  8. I'll tie another or I can give up my spot.... Darrin
  9. mine are done and headed out today... Smoothly is not the word to use....
  10. I'm in....TBA... I done an inverted weighted stone nymph for a contest once....Killer on the stream but a PITA to tie
  11. Aren't Altoids candy? Mike I thought they were a breath mint.....the Peppermint is quite hot and sharp. got a tin of Ginger I'm looking forward to opening... Darrin
  12. find a lake and drill a hole.....done a bunch of that in NY years ago Darrin
  13. several have suggested Altoids tins....And I'm eating them like candy now to get a few for swaps I'm in. My wife bought Q-tips in a travel pack that worked fine for sending flies. for toe tags I made list with note pad, Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon Gurgler by Yetavon then print, cut the strips ,fold in half and hook them on the fly. Darrin
  14. given to me in HS by a brother and sister from Armenia....was the name of a teenage gang back home that had a similar wide open outlook on life....most of my close friends call me lunitic Darrin
  15. I seen a pattern someplace that used part of a scented rubber worm to make up the body of a Bugger..... I have wiped the fish slime of a caught fish to prime for the next one....does it work? Darrin
  16. how about a simple green sparkle caddis nymph, and a spent caddis for the dry. Darrin the Nymph
  17. mine are on the way.... Darrin
  18. A Fishing Machine of a young man..... His Gurgler took 1st in another forum tying contest. Darrin
  19. and I'm from Western NC.....over several mountains from Yiman...good to see you in here.... Should we tell Franzenangler about this? I'll add a fresh water style. Darrin
  20. thanks .....will this work. Size preference? thats on a #4... Darrin
  21. Well your request is for "top quality"....I'll give it my best.... I'm In....possibly a Chernobyle.... Darrin
  22. anyone use scap booking scissors to cut foam. they come in a bunch of different shapes. the ones I found are cheap plastic with metal cutting edges... Darrin
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