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  1. I like where ur head's at! Peace n love that's all can't we all just get along =) I have a feeling this new trend is just at its peak.. people and salons are catching on... I feel like is will become constant. So let's start the breeding of the roosters! Haha
  2. It's Charlie Collins. whats a PM?
  3. Hi boys! ive had the feathers in my hair for over 2 months now and i havnt had any reaction like the picture ew! maybe the girl forgot to shower? =) i understand the fustration this brings upon all of you, but its been going on for a year or so now or even longer. Breeders must be making a killing off of this. I understand the process now with the birds and its def hard to tell how long this will last. Personally i think it will stick around for a couple years or longer. The demand is def high and the supply is extremely low! Im sorry for that, but we love them too. It started in colorado the salon that started it is called FineFeatherHEads. check them out and you'll see how popular they have gotten. They're everywhere now! In NH they havn't really made a mark yet, so im trying to start something. Im not a hairstylest, just a feather lover haha. My mom working within a botique and i was wondering if it would be possible to order from the catalogs for her shop? or does it have to be a fishing store?
  4. Hello fly tying lovers!! I have to admit i don't fly fish or fly tye. But of course i'm sure you have all heard the new thing is for people to put the feathers ( grizzly rooster ) in their hair. I hope you all can help. I was wondering what would be the major companies that distribute the long grizzly rooster feathers. Because the demand for these feathers have grown, the prices have also increased. I am trying to get a large quanity for wholesale price. If anyone has history of the feathers or just some input on websites or locations (NH or MA) where i could get these feathers please let me know. Thank you! -Laura
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