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  1. When you use marabou for a example to tie on the tail of a woolly bugger. Once you get that tail tied in is the rest of the feather trash or can you tie multiple tails with that one marabou plum?
  2. I was wondering if I could buy regular fluorocarbon line like for example 2lb test and use it for my tippet. Its much cheaper that way. I use a lot of 5x and 6x size tippet? Thanks for the help Also I have been using alot of tippet that's not fluorocarbon and I personally haven't noticed that much difference in fluorocarbon vs. mon
  3. where do you get your 100-200 yard spools if u dont mind me asking
  4. how many of you guys are using the the flourocarbon over the mono. Is there really that much difference in the two other then the price?
  5. Has anyone seen these or had a chance to throw one. Looking for some reviews
  6. Im 31 almost 32 and I am fairly new to the fly tying and and fly fishing. I only been doing it for 2 or 3 years. My parents have a house on the lake at branson so i fish tanneycomo quit often. I still need some learning experiance as everything I know i basically learned on my own. I have also heard of both of those places and been to both. ark river is the best in my opion but I think they are also a little high on prices.
  7. Im going to be in the Denver area for 3 days at the end of JULY. Was wondering if anyone could lead me to some public fishing spots that I could fish. I have never fished in Colorado. I do most of my fishing in missouri, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Im thinking of trying to make my own leaders when I read some things about the knots bing in the line was a pain and then stubbled across these furled leaders I know nothing about so just seeing what you guy like
  9. Looking at purchasing a drift boat. Never rowed one but fished out of one a couple times. I will occasionally have 3 people total but a lot of times I will be solo so was wondering if you drift boat people could give me some reviews ideas ect to help me research on the right boat. Most of my fishing is on Tanneycomo in Missouri and the white river in Arkansas. been looking at the head water skiff anyone know anything about it. Well if you could give me your ideas on drift boats it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Im looking for a large fly bin like the ones you would see at a fly shop. any ideas where i can purchase one? He is a pic of one? thanks!
  11. yea I would be interstead in trying out the montana fly hooks if the price was right but looks like im not a big enough fly tyer to even let me buy from them!
  12. Do you guys use one brand of hook or differnt brands. I switched from TMC to Dai Rinki Hooks because i can get 50 hooks vs 25 for the same or less money.. What Hooks do you guys think are the best.
  13. so do you fish this like i nymph with a indicator?
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