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  1. Jam' if you want in the salty swap let me know. Your inbox is full!

  2. hey dude, thanks! Go to my website and there is a step by step for one and the link for the other! I just tied six of one of those for a fly swap today. I had feathers flying all over the room lol

  3. Excellent! Thats about what I paid for mine rotating vise, but the brand escapes me. Not the top of the line for sure but I haven't had a problem with it yet! I just may have to make a trip out to NY to do some fly fishing. Whats the fishing calendar like over there? Would love to get into stripers or any of the fish you mentioned!

  4. What kind of vise did you get? Its an addiction. Started off with a small kit and now I have drawers of stuff lol

  5. Nice flys you've been making ny! Im from Michigan but spend a lot of time in Florida fishing salt. If im not fly fishing salt Im trying for smallmouth. In any case, what type of fishing is in NY? Is is shallow water kind of stuff like I am familiar with in FL? Keep up the tying, im going to get to vise today!

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