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  1. Nicely done PJ! Interested to see how this differs from his Hare-Ball shrimp.. I just found in a book a bunch of Phil's recipes. Alien-ator, Boca Grande Tarpon Sand Perch, Dahlberg Shrimp, Hare-Ball Shrimp (dark), Hare-Ball Shrimp, and Terminator Shrimp. I expect PJ to tie all of these and post them here. Thanks dude!
  2. Diggin those colors Jam. Mighty nice of you to load up a box of flies I can steal.. Here are some juve tarpon flies from tonight..
  3. Thanks Kirk! Cant wait to see em! If I was worried, I wouldn't have posted them! In fact, there is a SBS for the shrimp on the FrankenFly website. Check it out! Paul runs a GREAT site.
  4. Thanks PJ. The Orange/White combo is one I took off of Bruce Chard. He calls that color combo white tiger and apparently it is very good on bonefish. Thanks Steve. I use the size 4 shrimp for carp. They work great. You can also sub wiggle dub for the body if you want even more movement. Generally the bead chain eyed flies swim pretty good. I only use it on the size 4 flies and I try to be sparse with my material. Running a piece of lead down the shank isnt a bad idea. May have to try that out.
  5. Been spending some time at the vise the last couple days attempting to ride out winter in these parts. In any case, finally got around to taking some photos. Juvenile Tarpon Fly A copy of a random fly I caught on a blog in my travels. A little different then what I saw but came out kinda cool. Franken Shrimp!! Not crazy about my new color combo though..back to the drawing board I think.
  6. Thats a beauty my friend. What is the tail?? Died GP and Indian Crow sub?
  7. Im pretty much entirely Danville Flat waxed or UTC right now. Id like to try veevus but I havent made the leap yet. I tried some labeled GSP on Saturday and was not impressed. Broke pretty easily.
  8. Some Musky flies I tied up at the shop this past weekend..
  9. I cant give out my secrets yet. Im working on FDA approval!!
  10. Very few threads leave me speachless. This may be one of them. On a serious note..PJ mentioned these on another seriously hijacked thread. After he mentioned them, I started doing some research. Phil Chapman has some cool patterns, most I havent seen before. The book "Saltwater Fly Patterns" by Lefty Kreh has a bunch by him. I have a list of a couple I want to give a shot including the one PJ posted here. I will try and tie them up tonight and post them up here. My dancing class is tonight though so im not sure Ill have enough time.
  11. I cant wait to hear the rest of your story!! You have me on the edge of my seat!!
  12. I dont know why I dislike casting them considering I spend all summer casting 14" musky flies. Email me the pattern or post it up and Ill try them out. PS.. I just started working out
  13. Haha that damn backcast will always get ya!
  14. Please share. Although..I hate rabbit. I dont like casting wet socks.
  15. That's just great…I was counting on some tarpon tips from your "Michigan Mad Man Tarpon Tour" next month. Should we rename it the "Pinfish Chronicles"? I know fecal matter from shoeshine about tarpon other than I watch them pass through the panhandle every year. I am counting on the winning advice from my circle of cross dressing deviant friends. Yes the pinfish chronicles!! Im scared of pinfish though..when I hear pin all I can think about is that time PJ and I went to the accupuncture place. Never again.
  16. Behold the "Coupon Crab"..however its not as similar as I thought. Good tarpon fly though! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oF4Icv_76k
  17. I agree. The eyes on both flies are badass. Ive tied something similar called a coupon crab, I think. In any case, I hear they work. I dont catch fish so I wouldnt know.
  18. Man you do know how to tie!! Look good. May have to track down that pattern.
  19. Now those are some Redfish. Absolutely AWESOME. Mind sharing the recipe for that fly. Congrats. I know all to well about fishing trips and weather. I figure sooner or later ill hit the "perfect conditions"
  20. You must be misunderstood. I can sort of tie flies.. but catching fish isnt something I have figured out yet lol
  21. Haha thanks Mudskimmer. That brownish toad will catch EVERYthing it seems like. Worth tying some more thats for sure. Glad you found it useful!!
  22. BAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA agn you sure threw out that photo fast. That was supposed to be on the down low! You know how worked up PJ gets
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