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  1. Its awesome seeing the posts. You have some nice ones!
  2. Hello Everyone! Hoping for some guidance here... I will be heading down to the keys for my very first saltwater fly fishing trip in the beginning of Feb. I am an avid fly tyer and will tie just about anything. I do lots of reading so I have a few saltwater flies in recent months. However, most of the flies I have tied are for Permit and Bonefish which (if I am understanding correctly) aren't really around in numbers that time of year. Two questions.. Can someone point me in the direction of a guide you have expierince with? I have contacted a few about trips but am curious if anyone has expierience with any. (If it helps, I am staying in Islamorada) Second question is about flys. Any tips on what to tie? I have a small selection of bonefish and permit flys as I mentioned (gotchas, crazy charlies, a few merkins..) From what I read Trout, Reds, Jacks, Barracuda, and Shark will be plentyfull. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! Ben (Chefben4) thanks!
  3. WOW! That's all that comes to mind. What a fantastic document. I am a relatively new fly tyer (about a year) and have been amazed at some of your poppers. Now I am even further amazed by your "how to" document. It allows a newbie like myself the opportunity to try and paint poppers similar to yours. Certainly its going to take A LOT of practice to be in the same league as you but given this tool you wrote up I will be able to try. Thanks for putting this together and posting it on here. I had some trouble actually finding the document to download due to ads on the site so it may be helpful to you to walk people through or possibly have the document loaded on to the site via an admin. Just a thought. Chefben4 (Ben)
  4. Michaels. Didn't thought of that. I went to Staples and Office Depot and they had about 4 colors only. Heavenly father internet! Haha! Yeah, most craft stores have a sharpie "display" have you will, with tons of colors. As you found out the selection at office supply stores is for that thing we call work.. OH it hurts to say that!
  5. My local craft store (hobby lobby and michaels) carries probably 30-40 different colors of sharpies, including the ones you are looking for. I use several different shaded sharpies quite often a lot of flies. So I would try that kind of store. If all else fails I could always send you some. Good luck!
  6. I started out a little over a year ago with MUCH less then you picked up. Its a great hobby that will evolve as you get better. Within 6 months I went from a small box worth of stuff to a 4 tier storage container and a 50 box hardware holder. Start tying basic flies and as you get into it you will figure out what you need. I have taken lots of advice from these forums (although I dont reply much) as well as you tube.
  7. Welcome from another newbie! Ive been tying and fishing for about the same amount of time. Its progressed into quite the obsession and I rarely go any length of time without tying something! Im a warmwater fisherman and spend my weekends searching out large and smallmouth bass. On occaision I make it out for trout. Im also way into saltwater fishing and have done about 6 guided trips this year. Keep at it!
  8. Oh its terrible.. The amount of fly tying stuff and fly fishing stuff I have purchased in the last month is unreal. Im sure most people on here can relate! I actually just ordered a ton of materials to tie some bonefish flys for my next trip! thanks for the welcome!
  9. I've been a long time lurker of the website and thought its about time I "formally" introduce myself! My name is Ben and from and live in Southeastern Michigan. I spend lots of time at our property in Northeasten Michigan (about 20 min from the Ausable) and just started fly fishing. Im 26 and have been a very avid spincaster for 5+ years and decided to jump into fly fishing. I have taken one fly trip so far this year and have also taken a casting lesson. I also got into tying and have taught myself, with ALOT of help from this site, to tie flys of all types. Im interested in Warm and Cold water species, as well as, saltwater. I have taken 3 trips this year to Florida to fish and hope to get to the keys before the end of the year to do some fly fishing. Thats all for now!
  10. Looks great! Im new to this forum and new to tying and that fly makes me want to pick up some cutters! nice fly!
  11. I did exactly that! I went and picked up library books from 2 libraries and just started reading! Im picking up on things and getting more confident with my flies. I read on another topic that someone suggested that beginners make 12 of one fly before moving on to the next. I am guilty of fly tying A.D.D. I cant get enough patterns and new flys to try. It may be because I am franically tying flies for whats left of our fly fishing season. Once it starts cooling down up here, I am going to slow it down and concentrate on single patterns.
  12. That was probably mis-leading. The pheasant wings were not part of the kit. I was at a garage/estate sale and the guy had some fly tying stuff I picked up. Heres what they look like:
  13. Thanks Blane! I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Im going have to look for a club in my area.. Sounds like a great idea. I watch a lot of videos as it is and just think I would learn a lot hands on. The only fly shop I have "close" to me is an Orvis store. They have very nice stuff, but i never seem to be there at the time their resident "tyer" is in. I was planning on stopping there tomorrow (payday!!) so maybe he will be there. One example of an issue I am having is with the pheasant wing. It has so many types and sizes of feather on there. Its hard identifying what is what and when to use it. One of the first things I did when I started was buy a DVD and a Book. I have a spiral bound beginners fly tying book that is "ok". The name escapes me right now but I thought it was called fly tying for beginners. Good pictures and step-by-steps, just not so clear on what I would consider to be important. I also visted my local library. Most fly tying books were pre 1990 and not of good quality but I picked them up for the information anyways! -Ben
  14. Hey Everyone! New member of the site. Been a lurker for a while, taking in all the information thats on here. Im a newbie fly tyer and need some advice. I bought a kit a while back and since stocked up on lots of items here and there. The thing I am struggling with is feathers. Everything to do with them basically. My lovely kit didnt identify the feathers it came with and I dont even know where to start. Ive done a ton of reading and it seems like different recipes call for so many different kind of feathers that I couldnt fathom having them all. And of course the kit I bought didnt identify them really. If it helps what I do have is 2 full pheasant (wings?) its large and complete. Also have a pheasant tail piece, a turkey quill, marabou, and grizzy hackle (tips? very skinny pieces). Most of the feathers I know is from being a hunter.. (phesant, turkey, etc). Does anyone have any tips for feathers and their use? I know its a broad question but I thought you experts may have some insight. Looking into taking a class when the weather turns to fall/winter which is sure to help. Thanks in advance! Chefben4 (Ben)
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