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  1. You're welcome! MDI is amazing and you'll have a blast regardless. Any creek you find will have Brook Trout and they'll hit anything. Just be somewhat stealthy. You don't need to get all army commando but don't stomp around either. I just fished for Brook Trout the second time I was there and had a blast. Have fun!
  2. The 1/0's are on top and the #2's on bottom.
  3. I've been to Bar Harbor a couple times and have looked into this very thing. Unfortunately there's not much. I've heard conflicting things about stripers. The people I've talked to all say that there used to be but now there's nothing there except lobster and mackerel. I've found a couple internet reports saying that there's a few here and there. There's no, or very few, guides in the area, which may be telling. Most of the Maine guides are down in southern Maine, but your best bet for a guide in the immediate area might be to look for guides around Ellsworth on the mainland. Or just drive an hour or two down south a bit if you really want some Stripers. There's plenty in south Maine. There's plenty of freshwater fishing though on MDI. Mainly bass and bluegill in all of the ponds. Trout and in some cases landlocked salmon either deep, early in the season, or late in the season. All of the creeks on the island are chock full of Brook Trout. They're small but really fun to catch and very beautiful. They're not picky either.
  4. Thanks Islander! I tied up some #2's last night and they ended up about 1/2" smaller than the 1/0's. Can't post pictures until later because Flickr "updated" and won't copy the img tag on an iPhone anymore.
  5. Bob, after thinking back to when I bought the hooks a couple weeks ago I'm almost positive now that they're 1/0 because that was my exact line of thinking. I've tied some of the shrimp up in #2 already and plan to do so with the mullet/mud minnow looking guy as well.
  6. Thanks ditz and tidewater! I think I may try winding the shrimp dubbing all the way up next time. I didn't want to use up too much of it but I'm curious as to how it'll turn out. I may try one tonight after I tie up another crab.
  7. Thanks Bob! For the the baitfish and the two shrimp I (think) I used 1/0 hooks (if it's not 1/0 I used #1's) and I used a #2 for the fiddler crab.
  8. Been busy at the bench to stock up my fly boxes. Don't have a lot of time at any one time so I pick them off a couple at a time. First up is something I conjured up. I've always loved woolly buggers and the infinite variations you can tie of them. They look like nothing in particular, yet they can pass for just about anything. The fly fisherman's version of a tube jig or other soft plastic. You can tie them with any material you like, with a bead head, a cone head, add rubber legs, tie them big, tie them small, whatever. They'll all catch fish. I like tying them with dumbbell eyes to have them ride hook up but I've always thought they looked goofy when tied with dumbbell eyes. My hunch is that I'm being picky and that the fish don't care but to satisfy my OCD I tied this thing up. I used marabou for the tail and 4 strands of pearl krystal flash, a pre-made EP shrimp dub brush in Pearl to dub the body, dumbbell eyes, and then I made a dubbing brush and dubbed around the dumbbell eyes with white sculpin wool. Guess I could've tried dubbing around the head with the EP shrimp dub brush but I thought that might use up too much of the pre-made brush. It looks better to me and once wet I don't think the sculpin wool will affect the sink rate any. It might even help push a bit more water, but whether it would be enough to affect how a fish sensed it I have no clue. We'll see when we get on the water! Second is another variation of something to satisfy my OCD about wooly bugger style flies with dumbbell eyes. On this one I added a wing of 3D EP fibers on top after I added the dumbbell eyes. Instead of krystal flash I added a couple grizzly legs on each side and used a permanent marker to add grizzly lines to both the marabou tail and EP fiber wing. The intent is something to imitate a white shrimp. The same type of fly using all EP fibers instead of marabou, and using a tan tail and wing with a pink body. Another shrimp imitation. Finally, a fiddler crab fly to try to tempt a tailing Red.
  9. Anyone have any experience with these? This is essentially what I would end up with if I do the "home brew" route, and at a price I'm actually willing to pay. http://www.perfectflystore.com/boat-fly-box.html
  10. They're gone already. What foam do you use? I'm thinking about getting a big clear Plano box for cheap and gluing some foam in it that I pre-slit with a box cutter. Just don't know what foam to use. Polyethylene foam like the stuff used on pool noodles and pipe insulation?
  11. I dig it. I'll have to do that. The price of some of those boxes is a bit unnerving!
  12. What are some good saltwater fly boxes? I need some new ones.
  13. What kind of saddles do you use? That looks like it would be a good inshore redfish fly if tied 4-5" long. Does it ride hook point down?
  14. Seaducers I assume? I need to tie some up and try them sometime.
  15. Thanks Mike! It feels good to be back fly fishing. Still pumped about that Brook Trout! That's one thing off of my bucket list!
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