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  1. Well, I had a lot of requests for this one, and I apologize for the delay. Been tying like a maniac lately. Enjoy! Headbanger Sculpin
  2. Hey all, decided I better put these in the right category. Here is the sulfur version of the CDC loopwing emerger I like to tie and fish. Enjoy CDC loopwing emerger
  3. Here is an easy tie for you flats fisherman. To make a smoother finish, hit the fly with some CCG hydro and the uv torch as the final step. Enjoy CCG Sand Eel
  4. Here is the third installment in the weighted jig series. Enjoy: Prince Nymph Jig
  5. Hey all, sorry for the delay, was having difficulty signing in. Here is the latest video: Brown Quill Body Jig Nymph
  6. Hey all, running late this month. Here is a simple one with a couple added tricks. Enjoy. Quill Body BWO Dun
  7. Good ideas, and you could probably substitute those items in the recipe. The only thing with Icelandic sheep is its typically longer and finer and wouldn't give the same effect that the arctic fox would. The estaz is most definitely a viable alternative, like all of the flies I tie up, I think tinkering with different products is always cool.
  8. Consider this my new years present to you all, the video for my heavily requested Hog Snare double articulated streamer. Enjoy, its a little longer than most. Hog Snare Streamer
  9. Thanks Guys, glad you like it. McGnat, the hackle is totally optional, I even substitute it with hen from time to time as it breathes a little more. Alter the recipe as you see fit. Please tell me more about the weekly tying contest, I am not aware of it.
  10. Hi folks, hope you all had a relaxing holiday. Here's my latest video, and a timely one. Enjoy! Emerging Midge
  11. Hey folks, hope you've all been well. I'm back with a new video. Tiny Dancer Caddis
  12. A fitting style of fly for this time of year. Enjoy BS Swinger
  13. VERY NICE! Sorry Mike and I are breaking your bank, but I guess it could be worse, you could always be spending your money on less productive things. I am currently working out some things with my website, one of my ideas is to try and carry some of the more rare materials that are utilized in some of my patterns. I will be sure to announce this if and when it happens, sometimes improvisation or replacement of a material can be a real plus in a fly recipe. I have another little gadget showing up tomorrow that is going to help me knock it out the park with anything new I come up with from here on out...... You will all see what I am talking about shortly.
  14. You most certainly could fish this fly under an indicator, as a dropper in an active rig setup (euro, bounce, humphries etc) or, if you tie it with a turned hackle at the head instead of the splayed brahma, it works well swung in a team of wets, dead drifted, or cast across and hand twist retrieved off the bottom of the shallows. I typically target the water at the heads of the riffles with these flies when they are active, usually water measured in inches up to say 2-3 feet in depth. You can also use this as a dropper below a bushy dry prior to, during and post hatch. Hope that answers all the questions for you. I am happy you like my videos, I am always open ears to any input, good, bad or indifferent.
  15. Rocco, here is one similar in nature to what you explain. Classified Caddis PupaI use this guy often and it is my go to pattern for pupa's most of the season. Just alter the color and size and you can imitate any pupa. The construction of the fly is based around the same principle, dubbing brush with different colors of ultra wire to achieve different colors. Works great.
  16. Seeing as how these guys are hatching on my homewaters, I found it to be fitting to put this one up. Enjoy. October Caddis Pupa
  17. Never seen the disco fur before, sounds interesting. Where can I find that? I'm always looking for alternatives and new stuff to play with..... Thanks for all the compliments on the videos, it means a lot and never gets old.
  18. Rob, all body fur is really, is a synthetic material like ice fur or antron that is chopped into about a 1 inch length with some flash thrown in then sewn together like chenille. They make 2 sizes of the stuff and it comes in a slew of colors. Google search it, I believe the guys at TCO flyshop have it in stock. Personally I like the white as you can color it to any color you wish as it takes marker well. Willy Self out in Montana turned me on to the stuff, glad he did as it is a very quick alternative to building shape to a fly. I don't know what happened to my account, but I was denied access on the old name, guess I have to start from scratch..
  19. Hi Everyone, it's been a while since I have posted. I guess my account was frozen so I had to register again. Thought you all might like to see how to use these new products. Enjoy the video: Meat Helmet Sculpin
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