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  1. Hi Guys, Just thought I would pop in and see how everyone is doing? I think I was a member of this swap until I had to drop out due to car accident. Unfortunately, I haven't done much tyinig since February. Having some nerve problems from accident (hurt both shoulders and my wrists) and have numbness in my fingertips. Well, hard to do anything, much less tie flies with numb fingers. As they say, I have no feel. And tryit some time. Wrap a rubber band around your wrist until your fingers go numb, and then go tie a fly. Doesn't work too good, and please do not try my example, that was just more of a thought exercise. Have a good one and I hope to be back tying soon, I hope.
  2. Where do these classes happen? I've never heard of any around where I live in the SE USA....would really like to attend one.....oh well.
  3. Yeah, Life ain't been too good for me lately...dang deer, and it didn't even have the decency to die and provide me with a little venison... \ And of course, not being able to tie is driving me crazy...I guess now I have time to inventory my stuff and open my ebay store...going to sell "Fur and Feathers...And Stuff".....mostly fur and feathers though...just got a shipment of 6 geese..3 of the huge Canadian geese, and 3 snow geese....going to see how well the white feathers on a snow geese take to being dyed a different color.... I also have a huge amount of ring necked pheasant feathers if anyone is interested....matched wings, tail feathers, wing feathers....etc...and all the rest of the feathers that come from a pheasant;;;; I'll be around and in touch, ya'll take care now,,,,
  4. Hi Guys, Well, the last time I responded to this I said I was using a Renzetti vise, and I also said that they looked almost delicate. Well, I found out they are delicate, right after I broke the machine screw that you turn to hold your hook before cranking down on it. Yeah, that screw snapped right off....however, luck was with me, so to speak, carried the broken screw to HD and just happened to find a perfect replacement. This is after numerous attempts to contact the manufacturer of the vise, Renzetti. They did not seem to want my business though because in 4 different attempts to contact them, they ignored every one. And I waited over a week for someone to contact me, nope, never happened, still haven't contacted me and that was a few months ago. So, before finding the replacement screw at HD I was hearbroken, my brand new vise, useless because I am an idiot. What to do? What to do? So, went and bought one of the new Danvise full rotary models, the one made of advanced plastic material. Well,, I have loved that new vise, kept using it even after I fixed the Renzetti vise. I need to get a hold of that extension arm they are offering for the Danvise, and that will make it almost perfect. So, I am a believer in the new Danvise Rotary. If you are looking for an inexpensive full rotary vise, recommend you give the Danvise a try.
  5. Hey guys, I am hoping for your understanding in my particular situation. I was in a car accident about 10 days ago, got hit by, of all the darn things, by a huge deer on my way to work. It looks like it was trying to jump over my truck, needless to say, it didn't make it. It hit my truck on the right rear, between the wheel well and the tailgate.....smashed that part in about a foot and a half, and also spun my rear end around into oncoming traffic, who proceeded to hit me, on the driver's side this time. Long story short, had to go into hospital, broken leg, dislocated shoulder, etc. Needed to operate on my leg, and I had to stay in hospital because I live alone. I just got out today, and I am sure I can have my flies in the mail by Saturday, I'll send them priority mail so it won't take too long. One last thing, I need an address to send the flies to, haven't received one yet and don't know where to send them. Thanks guys. Talk to your soon I hope...
  6. I feel like Oliver in a Olivers Twist...."please sir, may I have some more?" Information that is...just need to know where to send flies, and by when....thanks to all.
  7. Thank you for the invite, hope I can meet all of y'alls expectations. The only fly I am worried about is June, cause I have these big, ham hock hands, and size 18 or smaller is going to be an achievement for me.... ALso, when you say "woven" are you talking about "weaving or knotting strands of material on a hook", and ending up with a Banded, Parallel, Mossback, or Overhand weave? I know there are more, I do have my copy of the "Fly Tyers Desk Reference" manual right next to my tying chair, but just wanted to make sure that is what we are talking about. Other than that, glad to be here, hope you all like my flies.
  8. Sorry for being such a weasel these last couple of months. But in all fairness, it wasn't totally my fault. However, I am good to my word, and y'all will be getting two files each this month, hopefully soon too, sorry for being late, and have a great new year,
  9. Well, I was trying to decide which rotary vise to get and I chose the RenZetti Traveler, which to me seemed a little fragile but was a good vise, until the day that the jaw retaining machine screw snapped in half. Wow, was that a hassle, trying to find a replacement part, contacted the company and they were all brain dead, or acted like it anyways. So, here I was stuck with a $200 vise I couldn't use, and couldn't repair. To top it off,when I took the broken screw out, the little spring, did its thing, and sprung...right out of the vise into a miniature black hole or something...never found it and I went over the floor with a hand held magnet and magnifying glass looking...so, despondent, had an epiphany....took the machine screw to Home Depot, and managed to find a perfect replacement screw in their hardware section....and use a screw from a large ink pen, cut it in half with cutters, and voila'!! One repaired Renzetti traveler... But here's the real story, it was about three weeks between it breaking and its repair...couldn't go without a rotary vise for that long, so scooped a Danvise, one of the new plastic rotary jobs, for a temporary replacement and it was only $75. Now, I have a Renzetti Traveler rotary vise, repaired, for sale. Started using the rotary Danvise, and fell in love with it. The over large head gives me a place to rest my hand while tying in materials, and since I have been on a deer hair spinning trip for the last few months, having a place to rest your hand is nice, after all the time it takes to prepare deer hair for spinning...must have gotten a deer that was taken during the coldest part of winter because it has so much of that pain in the vise underfur....almost impossible to get it all out. One thing about spinning deer hair flies though, pack them as tight as you can, even when it seems there is no more room on the hook, try this little trick I read about. Place a drop of Krazy Glue on the threads from the bunch you just put on the hook, and before (can't stress that enough) it dries, take a pair of tweezers that are not sharp at the end, put them along side of the hook shank and use the tweezers to push the threads as far back as you can. I actually took a long pair of tweezers, and got some of that Handle Dipping rubber they selll at Home Depot, the kind you coat old screwdriver handles and such, and dipped the tweezers into the rubber, so when I push the threads back there is no chance of cutting them with the tweezers. Works great and you can really pack that deer hair onto a hook shank using that method. If you steam the fly after putting all the deer hair on it, before you start trimming, the steam will expand the deer hair and really make it nice and compact. Now, if I could just figure out the stacking method for multiple colors I'd be able to create some "bragging right" flies, but still working that technique... Try the tweezer trick, works.
  10. I think i was called a "Bearded Charley". and was modified from a Salt water pattern, just basically downsized everything from hook to thread....the mateials are what they are, just used less of them. It is supposed to fish with the hook point up because I was reading an article in a magazine about fish, and they say that anything that comes through the surface of the water the fish see twice, because of refraction, so when the hook is down, they see two hooks, hook up, only one. Let me know if they actually work, and they were probably talking mostly about dry flies, since they are supposed to sit on surface of water.
  11. Hey Everyone, It's been a while since I've been here but in my defense, except for last month, all my flies have gone out on time. Hope you like what I have been sending. This month is nymphs, and I am thinking about tying the "Rabbit Fly", size 14, maybe 12, probably 14. Hope all is well with everyone, and if there is going to be a new swap for next year I'd like to play if there is a slot open that is. Take it easy and I hope you all catch loads of fish.
  12. Hey, glad you liked the "bugs" cause around here the 'gills love them. In addition has anyone had a chance to fish the "leeches" I made last month? I tried some out and the orange were killer, and I also have some in olive that work quite well. Oh well, enjoy, and I loved the flies I got from last month. Now I see I have to improve my tying skills just to keep up with you guys.
  13. Did I do it right this month? As far as tagging the flies? I hope ya'll like them when you get them.
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