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  1. I have been anxious to tye this fly since I started. It is not something that I would personally, based on spin fishing, see catching a fish, but it looked pretty neat. Forgot about it for a while, then a buddy of mine brought one to me to see. Based on the books I thought this fly would be larger, when I saw the size I had to come home and give it a try. I learned a few things last night in this attempt, small does not always mean small wire as you can see in the first two on the top. I have a hard time working the wire and keeping the thread bobbin seperate, ended up propping the bobbin on a tackle box while I worked the wire. I attempted to use peacock herl as well. Many new items actually made this a challenge, I learned alot, and can not wait to give these a shot on the water.
  2. Did not really see a place to post a proper introduction post, so here I am. Fly tying has been something I have wanted to try for many years. I have been a spin fisherman since I was old enough to hold a rod, however with some conversation, and interest in tying my own spinners along with flies, the wife gave me a fly tying kit for our anniversary last month. This past summer I fished my fathers old fly rod, along with my wife and some friends that had never tried it. We all fell in love with it, and as I have wanted to try tying flies for years, even with cracked line from and old real had a fun day of it. I initially wanted to try this as a way to tie my own spinners, however have fell in love with the art of tying the fly and fishing the fly. If all goes well I will have an attached picture of the flies I have tied, and I am excited to reline Dad's old real and pitch some to the water. I have lurked here a bit, and want to thank the members for the advice and help I have have seen, and look forward to contributing to the forum.
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