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  1. Crabby sunday - nice grab flies - do you have the pattern for both? or the website where you got them from? I think the bass would love them here in NY - thanks!

  2. Best fly fishing months are May through November. How old are you by the way?

  3. Same here lol, same exact thing - I got the black mongoose 360 degree rotation vice, cost me $150 - people told me the best vise for that price, we shall see! Also ordered a bunch of other tying stuff as well.

  4. Whats up man - thanks for the great comments! You have some really cnie flies too! The shrimp variant was sick!!! Anyway yes I am from long island NY. I work as a 1st mate on two charter boats out of orient pt NY. Fly fishing wise we fish for bluefish stripedbass fluke bonita albacore and fluke. Fun ass hell! I am addicting to tieing lol. Got my new vice comming this week! Keep up great work!

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