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  1. Sorry about the pics guys, from my camera phone, new to fly tying so now I need to invest into a nice camera!
  2. Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas! Clickly fly (rattle inside mylat tubing) Small silver crease fly
  3. Regarding Mylar Tubing What is your favorite way to unbraid mylar tubing? Any special tricks to make this process faster> Thank you very much
  4. This is why I love this site, thank you guys for the great feedback and ideas! Will def try them out! Have a great holiday!
  5. Small Epoxy Head, Size 1 gamo big game hook, white and green polar fiber, fly tyers dungeon peacock flash, Will the bass like this? Have a Great Christmas everyone!
  6. Watersilk Moss Bunker, Joe's Spoon Fly, Baby Epoxy Spearing - Enjoy and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  7. Thank you sir! Nice website, thank you for that link!
  8. Guys also check out this website - http://saltwaterflytying.blogspot.com/ - this is where I got my recipes and tutorials from to tie the rattle fly and baby mohawk - they have great instructions and videos on some great flys!
  9. Thank you guys for the kinds comments. Sorry if the pics come out shitty, I have to use my cell to take em so I can upload em to my computer. Hopefully Santa keeps his words and bring me my nice camera I asked for lol. tight Lines and happy holidays to all.
  10. Baby Weakfish (two pics) Baby Mohawk Rattle fly - I know it dosent look great but with the rattle inside you need a lot of epoxy, i will tell you one thing tho, that baitfish pattern with a rattle = bass love it! Thanks guys!
  11. Congo Hair Baitfish If anyone can help me with this question>? I use very good named brand hooks for my flies, Gamogatsu, diachi, timeco, and all the top brands. What website/company do people use to order their fly hooks? it seems to me, the hooks cost me the most money?? Thanks everyone, happy holidays!
  12. Bunch of flies for the spring and summer bass, blues , fluke and weakfish run! Flies Names - Baby Wiggler - Grass Shrimp - Greenback Crease Fly, Clouser Minnows and epoxy baitfish -Synthetic baitfish Thank you guys!
  13. Wow! Thank you guys for the great comments! Everyone on this site ties amazingly, love looking at everyones flies as well, gives everyone different ideas. The lobster fly is a great one, I apologize I can not post the reciepe because it is in commercial production at the moment for a certain comany. My most of my flies I tie with 210 Denier mono thread. Time to go tie! Thank you guys again for the kind words. I really appreciate them and look forward to speaking with everyone. Any questions or recipes please PM me or comment me. thank you all
  14. I know I post flies alot and I apologize if this bothers anyone. I love fishing and make time after work to tie every night at my bench. Let me know what you guys think and if anyone would like recipes please pm me or just reply, thanks! epoxy minnow baitfish and baby bunker deciever
  15. thank you for the kind words, pm me if you want any recipes, thanks again
  16. Silicone squid on a 5/0 stainless, Ghost Streamer Pattern (Still have to trim) on a 3/0 saltwater hook. Thanks everyone for the input on my other flies, please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  17. Thank you for the great comment sir, that was my goal here, to imitate a flkoating head or half a baitfish (aka bunker), you can only find out if it works by trying! thanks guys
  18. Thank you for the kind words! I am still new to this site and trying to figure out everything, I apologize to everyone. I would love to put the recipes up for the flies I tie, just figuring out to do it properly lol. Thanks for the kinds words, love this site and excellent people that go on it!
  19. Great pattern! is that with EP fibers, congo? very nice
  20. Very nice patterns! Have you tried congo hair for the baitfish patterns? Same material but 10x less in price - great colors, flytyersdungeon.com
  21. Clouser Bunker Fly and Peanut Bunker Crease Fly if anyone needs rec please just ask, thanks, let me know what you guys think!
  22. Due to the fly being in commercial production I can not post the rec. I do apologize and appreciate the kinds words and interest. If you would like to order a lobster fly please visit www.webflyz.com thank you
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