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  1. Large crease fly with scales - baby lobster fly
  2. Nice pattern! Love the hooks - what hooks are those? thanks!
  3. Yes sir! Def trim to shape. Just value everyones opinions on here. Thank you for the positive comment!
  4. First make using congo hair - moss bunker fly with 3/0 hook, orange doll eyes, olive congo blend
  5. back bay clouser Yellow deer hair 2/0 sage hook minnow blue holographic fibers large dumbbell eyes
  6. small crease fly, large crease fly with 8/0 gamo hook, slider with 8/0 gamo hook
  7. Very nice, love making crease flies! Just moved into my first house! Once i am all set i will upload some of my flies, Nothing beats a swirl behind a crease fly! Great fly!
  8. Hello everyone. Best of wishes to all. I am an avid fisherman. Love all types of fishing< especially fly fishing! Work as a 1st mate on two premiere charter boats which are located on Long island. Very nice website here!
  9. I have seen many posts with orders and contact info regarding FTD (Fly Tyers Dungeon) I placed my order this past Thursday and sent the mad scientist an email. Literally 3 hours later I got an email that said my order would be shipped out late next week! FTD has great materials for excellent prices. Please order from FTD! you may wait a little longer but you get 4x the amount of materials. Also a partner with FTD is www.thefishguy.com, the best fly tying hooks for $5 per 100, please visit the site! Love baitfish patterns with congo hair, etc. Fish NY, long island sound for striped bass, blues, albies and fluke! Looking to meet some great people!
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