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  1. Thanks K! Yea the new one came out with a nicer profile I think.....still not exactly happy with it, but now comes the test in the h20!
  2. Thanks B! I sure hope so! I love yellow for spring!
  3. Decided to tie a hollow fleye Popovics style, then use silicone to create a baitfish profile.....below is what I came up with.
  4. Messed around with a few jig hook patterns Added keel weight should let this fly ride hook point up Bucktail, Angel Hair, Bodi Braid, Clear Cure Goo Eyes, Clear Cure Goo Flexible
  5. Guys thanks for the comments! On a honest note (I hate to bring it up again) but i wanted to make it VERY clear, the other post (which im sure you all saw), I honestly was joking, why would I lie? I dont try to crave attention on this site. I love to fish and tie and ask questions like everyone else does. Just wanted to make that clear. Thanks for the comments! Kirk - I took your advice and have been in contact with Pops - He told me there is a bunch of differently made wools and fleece - what type do you use? He also said to try out "flex loc", you ever or anyone ever try it out? Its suppose to be lighter than silicone, dries clear and dries in half the time....popovics seemed to really like the "flex loc". If you google "flex loc fly tying" it comes right up. He also stated I can try tieing one of his "hollow fleyes" with bucktail then just use silicone, ccg flex or flex loc and create an head. Seems like a really good idea..... Let me knoe what everyone thinks! Kirk I like your patterns a lot better than mine! Yours truly look like baitfish! Nice job as usual! I am "so so" with mine. I think I need to do a better job of trimming.....let me know what you guys think! Fred, I def agree with you, once I get these down pat a little more I want to make some neat colors like you stated!
  6. I am sure many of you guys have seen this vid, if not, heres your chance. Really cool video, and the book is excellent! Enjoy!
  7. Awesome pics man, and awesome fish! Keep up the great work!
  8. Tied up some silicone baitfish using wool, bucktail, flash and household GE silicone 2. Followed the steps in popovics book. Tied up a little and large baitfish pattern.
  9. Thanks go to Andrew, Fred, and Kirk for their advice and great comments, again guys if the first post I made offended you, i apologize - it was a simple joke. Thanks again "First post I made" - Wow, thanks for everyones input. <-----was a simple joke, if i offended anyone i do apologize
  10. Peterjay, honestly I do not know why your so rude and dis-respectful to me - you always jump the gun right away and try to be little me? Why do you treat people like this? Actually not people, you only do it to me. It was the same thing when I posted about bears den and dog fur, you went nuts on me.....I dont get it? I am sorry I dont please you on this forum but try to give me a little respect and not be such a dam jerk to me. If you dont like my posts dont comment on them - I give you the utmost respect on this sight! Also peterjay I do work, i work two jobs for your information - also since its 2012 theres technology called cellphones and internet - you can post from your phone with internet service. I would be ashamhed of myself if i treated people like you Have a great fishing season
  11. I hope everyone knows I was joking with my first post, I apologize if I offended anyone
  12. Wow, thanks for everyones input.
  13. Happy Easter to everyone, Regarding silicone flies (small and large), I mainly tie Popovics silicone flies........ What does everyone use or recomended for the type of silicone to use? I use household GE 2. I am thinking about making a silicone fly with clear cure goo flexible to see what happens.....
  14. Rich I forget what make and model I used, but the hook is very similiar to a long shank Diachi size 4 (streamer). The hook I used here is a 2/0 long shank and 3/0 long shank (prob around 2inches or less) Let me know how they come out
  15. Wish I could help buddy, but not so good with the southern area!
  16. Tied up some eels flies based on Popovics candy flies.
  17. If you have an intermediate, try that first. Use either a clouser or baitfish pattern with the intermediate line and use it as a search pattern. Work your way all over the flat and cast cast cast (dont forget to factor in tides).....once you figure out a little pattern you will have a blast! Dont forget to mix up colors as well and also your line retrieves
  18. Spring run has hit the eastern part of Long Island. So far its been all small bass (todays biggest fish was a monster at 18 inches lol) - But for the beginning of April!, its a blast! Jiggies have been working the best for me, the two colors below is what I have been using. Up at 5am and back at it tomorrow! Tight lines everybody and a great easter as well!
  19. lol lures, JAM! Yea the 2nd photo with the tiny hook gap was a mess up, I wanted to make sure I could get the shape with the CCG. I actually tie in a flexibl piece of tubing or similiar material at the hook eye, then bend and tie off a lil farther down the hook - creating the shape - once you cover with CCG and hit with the light, it holds! Opens a lot of doors.
  20. Messed around with the Rhody Chovy pattern. Came up with the flies below. I think these will imitate the tiny bunker, chovies and other small baitfish in the back bays. Whoever is interested in the Polar Bear, please send an email to [email protected] - In the subject line put "Polar Bear". This is where I get my supply from, great quality!
  21. BigF - Thanks buddy Nope, using different process. PM me if you would like the pattern for the small flies. Its not hard, just have to follow certain steps so you can get the two toned body
  22. Always appreciated rich! Thank you
  23. All different types of baitfish variations. Mushmouth variations - rain bait variations - glass minnows
  24. Tied up bunker type deciever and a few of Casey Smartts glass minnows.
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