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  1. Thanks man for the comments. I like the longer hackle as well but for me the shorter hackle has different movement. I like shorter hackle for certain times and longer for other. I made these with shorter hackle on purpose.
  2. Love these flies to imitate peanut bunker up to adult bunker, herring, ect. I strip them fast letting the single feather work with erratic movements in the water Single Flat Wing Flies
  3. Like usualy, very nice ties, this baitfish patterns towards the end are killer looking
  4. PF has nice movement in the water. A lot of well known tiers use this material for baitfish and shrimp imitations. Just google it and a bunch of great info comes up, I really like it
  5. Polar Fiber Plus Size Baitfish (weighted)
  6. I compare the colors of this plus size baitfish fly to fruit salad. These colors combine have a great "sheen" in the water and have always produced well for myself, the bigger bass like this also. Fruit Salad Plus Size Baitfish
  7. Tied up some flies, some new patterns for myself and added tweaks to others. First two flies are Cowens EZ Body Rattle Baitfish Other flies are the Gardiners Bay 3some made with Finn Raccoon and Artic Fox, I like the FR and AF possibly better than the marabou, we will see how the fish like it before I make a final decision. Also I tied some with crab eyes and only one with long shrimp eyes. I def like both with the different style eyes. I have a good feeling about this pattern!
  8. Ben! We have to fish together lol we think alike!
  9. Whats going on fellas? Camera is getting fixed and will not be in my hands until tomorrow but trust me I got my tying in lol. Check out these websites, great for fly tying as well as some new patterns! www.thisisfly.com www.theonefly.com http://www.southerncultureonthefly.com/ www.chasingsilver.org
  10. I use the CCG tack free, flex, thick, thin, hydro, etc. The fleck for me has a lot of glitter in it. Make sure you check it out in the bathtub or sink. The fleck for me is great for that little extra while tying flies. Also where do you get the hairy down under pattern from? Thomas Harvey I found mine from and from southern cultue on the fly and this is fly . com. great ties ben! I love CCG and like you stated all you have to do is add hand sanitizer, alcohol, or sally hansens and your good to go, tack free. CCG has changed the way we fly, I dont think anyone should complain about the product, for me its amazing. Also for some commercial tiers I know...it has let them create flies quicker which equals quicker orders which equals more money. My favorite CCG is the hydro for crease flies, the holographic foam really comes out with CCG hydro!
  11. Awesome fellas! Glad everyone can use them! Redfish and Stripedbass are very similiar fish regarding the flies. Glad I could give a pattern that can catch some reds too! One of these days I am booking a trip down to Lousiana to catch some monster reds!!!!
  12. Whats going on PeterJay - Regarding the eyes (BTW thanks for the comments! Always appreciated, I am in the works of tweaking this pattern as well, wont know the outcome until I try all the slightly different ones in two months or so) For the eys i have been buying the Enrico Puglisi (not sure how to spell his name) eyes. I like using the medium and large eyes in black and amber. I also add my own colorings to them with nail polish. For example to the EP black eyes, I will add dabs of yellow to make the eyes stand out more, ect.
  13. Thanks again guys! Please let me know how you make out with them, def keep me posted
  14. Simple fly to tie. Has a lot of nice movement in the water which I really like. Materials -Estaz -Shrimp eyes -Marabou -Krystal flash -Sili legs -Dumbell eyes or eyeballz (Try tying some with other materials as well, I would imagine redfish would like this??)
  15. I found this pattern in a pattern book and decided to create my own variation. This fly gives the fisherman the best of 3 worlds, it can imitate a shrimp, crab or small lobster. The marabou and sili-legs give great action in the water. Gardiners bay is located on the eastern tip of Longisland, during spring, the bass feed on shrimp, crab and small lobster. Going to tweak this pattern a little more.
  16. Decided to tie up a bunch of Half N Halfs for a little bigger profile than the regular clouser. Life slinging these when peanut bunker or large profile baitfish are around! I had to try these out in the bathub lol, thats why they are wet. The saddle feathers are tough to see because the picture is taken when the flies are wet, but they are in there!
  17. Thanks PJay! Appreciate it. BTW good luck when you move, I am sure when you sling some of those awesome flies you made....you will be kickin those fish's ass in another state!
  18. TideWater - You ever tie with the EWG weighted hook? I am going to tie some "plus size baitfish" flies with them. Check out this link http://www.thisisfly.com/issue32_3.html?startPage=000& The kid tieing is named T. Harvey, ties some incredible looking flies. He is only 21 or 22 I believe. But hey i am only 24 years old lol. Getting back to the EWG weighted and un - weighted hooks, i just bought a 25 pack of 4/0s, seem like a deadly hook for the plus size baitfish. I have to admit this pattern created by Harvey looks nasty in the water and without the bulk but imitating a large profile should be very effective. Let me know what you think.
  19. I think you will def love the results, be sure to lightly coat the mouth and body with epoxy, makes the fly 10x more durable
  20. Thanks man, appreciate the kinds words. I am going to tie some of those "monomy crab patterns" next, using the figure * wraps with yarn
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTY8ICJMcFc This is how I came up with my pattern
  22. No problem, thanks for the kind words. This is my own pattern used for bass on the flats of eastern long island. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTY8ICJMcFc Check out that video and follow the same pattern instructions. This is what I did different, Once the crab is tied on the video, I do not cover the crab in glue, epoxy or whatever you may use. Once the crab is tied I take a "crab coin" or a circular piece of velcro or even foam (if you do not have the crab coins or velcro) and put on top of the pattern. Make sure the eyes peak out of the body. Once I have my body on top of everything I use clear cure goo to cover the bottom parts. I use the clear cure thin for this. You can add as clear cure goo to form the underside of the body. After I hit the CCG with the light, you can use markers to add coloring. Let me know how this works out for you. You can even use 30 min epoxy and a drying wheel or rotational vice.
  23. Saw some excellent crab patterns recently and decided to mess around with a few for some hungry stripers during early spring.
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