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  1. Very nice tying....................... Well done Mike
  2. Very nice opening to the forum..................welcome, great tying skills Mike
  3. Very nice Steffan, particulay like the coloring Mike
  4. Great work Paul, your inspiration could not have come from a nicer guy and tyer, he is a truly talented man at the vise Mike
  5. The wings are a little on the short side but overall for a first attempt I would be proud of that tying keep it u and keep posting Welcome to the forum of Realistics Mike
  6. these are tied on a size 4 but of course you can go larger or smaller. I guess a 6 would probably be the smallest you could tie with the size of the mylar Mike
  7. Thanks Sergio and Riffle...................its good to be back Mike
  8. Thanks Trout..................lets see your results when your done Mike
  9. Here are a few more color combinations I promised to post earlier Mike
  10. Hi all The zonker does not float although with a foam underbody it of course would. The Mylar over body is from Bill Skill ton he sells it on eBay an amazing product and a very good price, he sells anasotedpack of different colors. The under body I make with contrasting color wool which absorbs water well to allow a slow decent through the water. I did not include a rattle but there would be room for one. I will post some of the other colors as soon as I can Thanks again all Mike
  11. This pattern has hit me a few largemouth I tie it in different color combinations Mike
  12. Here is the recipe for the houseflies hook: tiemco 10 -12 Thread Danvilles spider web Underbody: dark foam tied to hook over body: peacock herl Legs: very fine black broom bristles bent to shape with a hot bodkin eyes: very small plastic beads wrapped in organza to give them that sparkle look wings: clear raffine cut to shape 'here are the materials I used Mike
  13. Here are a few houseflies enjoying an orange I left out.............. Its good to be back at the vise again Mike
  14. Look like some good fish catchers there............... Mike
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