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  1. not bad for a hundred bucks...with a leather chair, yeah baby!
  2. I just got this rolltop this weekend from a friend that is moving, talk about dirt cheap. :headbang:
  3. thanks flytire, now i have some ideas, and see what i can come up with.
  4. i was given a whole bunch of larva lace that someone wasnt using, and i havent tried anything, could someone tell me where i could get some patterns, i think the flies look cool and would like to try myself.
  5. well i would just like to thank everyone, you were all right, i just tied a gold beadhead woven and it came out perfect, thanks everyone!
  6. ive broken 2...or 3 200r hooks while tying, and let me tell you, there is nothing more frustrating than getting 3/4 through a fly and have a hook break. :wallbash:
  7. the 200r like most here, is my favorite for most of my nymphs, i just wish it was a little stronger sometimes.
  8. Thats a cool little pattern there WYKnot, i may have to steal that one.
  9. Well thats good, im not weird, oohh and Oatka, that was messed up!
  10. Aliright, thats great, ive got silver and gold tungsten, ill try a couple, oh and Bruce, the avatar isnt mine, but i dont think i do too bad, when i get a better camera ill get you some pics.
  11. YES! im not crazy, well now i know what ill be doing toonight.
  12. Well now that i have the dog hair thing answered, I have another question, has anyone tied beadhead woven flies and if there are any certain colors i should use? I tie woven nymphs all the time, but never tried with beadheads, thanks.
  13. well at least i now know that im not weird and not the only one who has thought about it.
  14. this is going to be weird, but my rottweiler is sheding like crazy and he has awesome thick almost deer like fur and its jet black, I was wondering if i can do anything with it, if not just tell me im weird. :dunno:
  15. awesome job there, and the craftsmanship i think is great!!
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