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  1. EBAY!!! You can buy 1000+ hook packages on there!
  2. Wonderful flies! Best of luck to you out on the water!
  3. Ditto! I hate to ugly it up with a stonefly, but I made a new dubbing blend and had try it out. I'm not a big fan of fishing stones ( due to their habit of "flying" into trees) but sure love to tie em! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf Enjoy!
  4. A great (and unusual) way to nail bedding bass is to tie a 6 inch long olive zonker strip with a weed guard to a hook. Drop the that fly right in the nest, and the bass, thinkin that it's just a pond weed will grab it in it's mouth and remove it from it's nest. Just set the hook!
  5. ^^ Thanks! The fly already nailed some smallmouth and browns!
  6. Can't see the picture ,Tee! But baby catfish are a great thing to imitate, especially when they form giant, moving, black clumps at shore!
  7. Thanks guys, I'm definately gonna load up on RIT and Kool- Aid! Thank you and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  8. Hello, I've noticed that a lot of tiers custom dye their own materials and come out with some wonderful products, and I was wondering how to do so? I have a lot of raw uncolored hairs and feathers, and I am really wanting to change their colors. So, if you can, please tell me the appropriate dyes and process to go through in dyeing materials. Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBeouf
  9. It looks pretty good! You could also articulate it and tie it in some chartruese, olive, or orange colors.
  10. I gotta tie me some of those! Here is another simple lil hairwing with some black bear and coon in it. Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf Enjoy!
  11. Thanks Guys! (Damn Double Post)
  12. Thank you, sir. Hopefully I'll go somewhere in this business!
  13. Thank you, sir. Hopefully I'll go somewhere in this business!
  14. Great Tie! Love the weedless design!
  15. My current "go to" is my Ba-Donk-A-Zonk in orange, olive, and black. Basicly a leech-like Zonker pattern, you can tie a whole hoard of them in no time and they are great for wary bass! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  16. I like em! Speaking of smallmouth, this lil' hairwing caught me 5, 8+ inch bass on accident in a trout creek. So I'm thinkin that this will become my "go to" streamer! The wing includes coon and squrriel. Enjoy!
  17. Why can't you use it? Good question. It may not be an aspect of fly fishing our friend C LeBo wants to get into. However, the late Tom Nixon and others have crafted and used fly rod spinner baits to fish for bass and other fish species. I can't use it because the darn thing is too heavy to cast with my rod, and local bass and trout aren't to fond of lures (as I found out before turning to fly fishing)! I use to baitcast a lot and still know quite a bit, but fly fishing is where my loyalty lies!
  18. I beg to differ, sir. The chart still shows the proportions of material (tail, hackle, wings) to the hook shank and gap.
  19. Do you make the spinners themselves or do just add skirts on them?
  20. I recieved a bunch of old baitcasting lures, all bits and peices, unpainted and in dissarray, from an old baitcaster who thought that I could something fly-related with em. I couldn't. I didn't want to be rude and turn them down, so I made the most of it and used my fly tying skills in a baitcasters situation. The result? This lil' puppy here, I can't use it, so I'll probably give to a friend! Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf Enjoy!
  21. Thanks Piker20 and Chase Creek, that means quite a bit coming from you guys! The fly on the right is the only one with a quill body, the others use coon hair herl-style.
  22. I'm starting to try my hand at soft hackles, and here are few first attempts, which all include coon in either the body or thorax. Enjoy!
  23. If you wish to tie more in depth of insects, I would recomend chasing one bug at a time. I'd personally start with Gary Lafontaine's Caddisflies, it will give you a head start on caddisflies, which are one of trout's major food sources. Thank You and Tight Lines, Carson LeBoeuf
  24. Great tie! What is the body material? Thread, dubbing, wool?
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