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  1. Sweet Bud :headbang: :headbang: !!!!!!! Nice to see another delta wing from you... and in your classic style too !!!!!!! Regards Lee
  2. Now that is too cool :headbang: :headbang: !!!!!!! Love the wing... Regards Lee
  3. Schweeettt Jamie :headbang: !!!!!! 'bout time you knocked off another Marbury pattern.... Regards Lee
  4. Another well tied Popham.... :headbang: :headbang: !!!!!!! Nice Bud.. and classic too Regards Lee
  5. As others have said... really nice tie Matt :headbang: :headbang: !!! Regards Lee
  6. That is one nice fly :headbang: :headbang: !!! The iridescence of that wing is cool... wonder if that reflects light when fishing it... Regards Lee
  7. Yowzer :headbang: :bugeyes: :headbang: !!!!! Too cool... ... the mandarin duck wing is sweet!!!!!! Nice design Mike!!!!!!! Regards Lee
  8. Really nice tie Bigdan :headbang: !!! Super job on the body taper and floss for sure... Regards Lee
  9. Excellent Dave :headbang: !!!!!! Never seen an amherst tippet shoulder.. pretty cool pattern! Regards Lee
  10. Really nice tie Dave :headbang: :headbang: !!! It does have great flow including the rabbit collar at the head... Regards Lee
  11. Stunning fly :headbang: :headbang: !!!!!!!! Wing is gorgeous.. super job in terms of color and shape/style in every respect.... Regards Lee
  12. Really well tied as usual Dave :headbang: :headbang: !!!!!!! Sweet mix of colors... Regards Lee
  13. Superb :headbang: :bugeyes: :headbang: !!!!!!! Regards Lee
  14. Nice Bob :headbang: !!!! Like that herl ribbing too.... Regards Lee
  15. Another sweet and really clean tie John :headbang: :headbang: !!!!!!!! And that is a milestone for sure... can't wait to see pics of the whole series... that will be simply too cool !! Regards Lee
  16. This was a pattern from Marbury (or Orvis) previously unknown to me until I recently saw it at the American Museum of Fly Fishing – original fly photo attached (note the silver tinsel on the original was quite tarnished and looked grey… if you can enlarge the photo you can see it was embossed and round, lace or twisted except the tag which was flat). I do not know the originator of this fly but I thought the pattern was a nice design. This is actually the first, if I am not mistaken, Marbury pattern I have seen that used Amherst… and I just so happened to have those which are more like a GP tippet than those rounded Amherst feathers that are used often. This is also one of those patterns where a GP crest runs along each side of the wing… almost looks like one as they were a perfect match. I used crests that were slightly twisted in opposite directions (but really nice rosey red tips )… which worked perfectly to make them lay nicely along the wing as they were tied in on top. Also the JC nail shoulder on the original was cracked and broken off… actually I noticed many of the originals at the museum had badly deteriorated JC nails. One last point… I noticed a few of the Marbury originals used loop-eyed hooks as did this one – even some originals from the Marbury book which were illustrated with gut and blind eyed hooks. If one does read the book there is just few mentions of loop-eyed hooks. As a side note - I am now convinced having seen enough originals (in fact 2 originals of the same pattern) that they had no problem substituting colors etc but the fly was certainly recognizable –tied in the spirit of the fly. Anyway hope you enjoy this… Regards Lee
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by WaterWolf: Yellowstone (Marbury/Orvis)
  18. Nice tie Bob :headbang: !!!!!!! Interesting name.. Carrie must have been a fan of Bogey in Casablanca !!! Regards Lee
  19. Sweet Timo... cool body taper :headbang: !!!!! Regards Lee
  20. Interesting discussion… and probably no right answers. I will address it from the Marbury style of things… I do think that certain flies have a "style" that they are associated with (agree with Chris DP for sure and others) and as such I am not sure saying something is in the Marbury style or any style for that matter is wrong. However I can say and have noted before that Marbury compiled the book (actually with some writing and editing) and popularized multiple patterns that credited the originators in most cases… note most cases. The flies came from around North America and were taken from surveys/letters that responded to her request for patterns. This is in contrast to her father’s book (Fishing with the Fly) that did very little to credit originators though Charles did design a few of the patterns as I have learned over time. In the few articles that Mike and I have written we tried to point out many of the originators of some of the specific patterns as indeed the origination is of historical interest to us and many others. Even when posting a few of the patterns here in the past we have tried to point out the originators when possible… and if not it may have only been due to an oversight in a quick post. Of course if anyone was interested they could ask... I do believe that I did point out once how many creative tyers there were in the 1800s when it came to these patterns and it is important to keep in mind that Marbury herself may have not designed original patterns… maybe variations. I do not think I have seen a pattern credited to Mary (perhaps if PaulR reads this he can correct me if I am wrong). The fact of the matter is there are also patterns from the old Orvis shop that were not in the books and tracking the originator is not possible in many cases. These are clearly Marbury style (or Orvis style if you want to credit the company who sold these) and unknown as to who designed them. Anyway there are many styles of flies… saying something is in the Marbury style doesn’t hurt history or tradition.. quite the contrary I believe. If Mary never did the book… how many of these patterns would ever have been available for us to see.. oh I am sure a few but probably not the majority supplied to her for the book. Cheers Lee
  21. Thanks again guys!! To answer Davpot's question - I couldn't quite tell on the original but it seemed to be double wing of bronzed mallard. Thus I did an underwing of mallard followed by the roof of the same. The original seemed to have a dark red thread finish.. I did use red thread and varnished over the thread but decided to use red rabbit dubbed over it. I guess sort of my own touch but then again after seeing multiple originals lately and comparing it to those in the book I tend to think these patterns could have been finished at the head in different ways depending on the tyer in the Orvis shop. Regards Lee
  22. Really attractive pattern :headbang: !!!!!!! Regards Lee
  23. Nice little tie Bob!!!!!! Can't go wrong fishing yellow and red ... always been a pretty productive combo for me!!!!!! Regards Lee
  24. Thanks guys!! Ronn - actually the original had a flat or horizontal tail but was leaning to one side as the mounting of the fly against the background must have nudged it... actually the illustration of the Ghost in Kelson has the tail flat or horizontal as well (and the recipe does not specify)..... Also keep in mind that I had a difficult time shooting the originals as I had to shoot on an angle due to the placement of the plates etc Regards Lee
  25. This is the Marbury version of a pattern called “The Ghost” that I believe originated with Kelson – there is a few variations from the Kelson version. Tied in that vintage Marbury style (long hackle etc) on a 5/0 Allcock 184 Limerick – just love the point of that hook and one thick marked shank… Attached is a photo I took of the original Marbury Ghost at the American Museum of Fly Fishing that was part of the 1893 Chicago World Exposition Marbury Fly Plates – I actually was not aware that Orvis/Marbury had done this pattern as part of their flies before seeing the plates as I had never seen it in any books. I also couldn’t resist attaching the other quick pic off the vise for fun where the original was part of the background.. almost looks like a shadow. Hope you like… an interesting and different salmon pattern. Regards Lee
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