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  1. Also any one know where to source Jungle Cock at a reasonable price? eBay?
  2. I have been tying for 2 years now and still have a few issues, more experience will work it out, but heres a question for you guys, how do you get the "topping" to look right and almost touch? And any advice on how to get the tippets lower? Cheers Here's my latest
  3. Any tips on how I make the floss better? Thanks for the feedback, I don't think I am ready to be judged by the masters yet.
  4. Been tying for 2 years and this Green Highlander is by far my best tie so far, looking for tips on how to improve.. Cheers
  5. Hey everyone from Nova Scotia, Canada, I am glad to find and join this forum. I look forward to learning some new things, and sharing knowledge and ideas with everyone, I have been tying for 2 years so far and still have lots to learn, my favourite patterns to tie are Atlantic Salmon Flies. Here are some flies I tied this month: Any feedback at all would be appreciated, I really want to learn some tips/tricks and have some ideas and advice to get better, with more experience I would like to start tying some Classics. Cheers
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