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  1. Thank you for the response. can you make any suggestions to what will work?
  2. I guess the topic title and description sum it all up... But hey sorry if the question is a dumb one but I really am just getting into fly fishing for trout and salmon. So if anyone can let me know when steelhead run and do brown trout also run? I am looking at fishing the Pere Marquette. Thank you for any help you can offer.
  3. Thank you just checked one out will be tying them up tomorrow..
  4. Ok its cool I found one on youtube thanks any way
  5. Can anyone help me out with an egg patern for Fall and Spring Steelhead?
  6. Hello, I am also from the Grand Rapids MI area. Is there a group of folks who get together to tie flies or anywhere I can go to learn more how to tie different flies? Im lovin tying so far but always want to learn more. would love any help out there.
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